New Movie “A Última Festa” Reveals LGBTQ+ Lead Characters

A Última Festa film poster showing Christian Malheiros, Thalita Meneghim, Giulia Gayoso, and Marina Moschen.

Movie buffs will love the new film directed and written by Matheus Souza, “A Última Festa” (The Last Party).

“A Última Festa” is a feature-length movie featuring almost exclusively LGBTQ+ characters. The story follows a group of friends who get entangled in complicated stories during a class’s graduation party. The official trailer has already made waves on social media, creating enthusiasm among many fans of LGBTQ films, so it's time to see what this movie is all about.

The Magic Of An Epic Party

Zelda and Nina kissing during the class's graduation party.

“A Última Festa” is a film that takes us to an epic party where a group of friends joyfully celebrates graduation day. And this party is full of events: dating that ends, dating that begins, a new passion discovered, and a new secret revealed. The last party doesn’t feel like the end of a cycle, but the first night of the beginning of their lives.

Meet The Cast

Marina Moschen, Christian Malheiros, Giulia Gayoso, and Thalita Meneghim.

The feature film features a cast of unknowns with four main characters, namely:

  • Marina Moschen (God Save The King) as Nina
  • Christian Malheiros (7 Prisoners) as Nathan
  • Giulia Gayoso (A Time To Love) as Marina
  • And Thalita Meneghim (Quarentenados A Série) as Bianca

The rest of the cast includes:

  • Richard Abelha (Ordem Paranormal) as Diego
  • Victor Meyniel (Christmas Full of Grace) as Leo
  • Caíque Nogueira (Amor Verissimo) as Juliano
  • Leo Cidade (Confessions of an Invisible Girl) as Leandro
  • Muse Maya (Filhas de Eva) as Zelda
  • Victor Lamoglia (The Followers) as Caio

Here's The Trailer

Check out the very queer trailer for the movie below!

Coming Soon To Brazil

“A Última Festa” is set to release in cinema in Brazil on January 26th, 2023, with more international and VOD release dates to follow soon.

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