"#BringBackAlice" Miniseries Chronicles Captivating Sapphic Intrigue

#BringBackAlice series poster.

A mesmerizing story unfolds in the "#BringBackAlice" miniseries, focusing on a sapphic protagonist and her mysterious connection with another girl.

Unveiling The Intrigue Of "#BringBackAlice"

Crafted by Marcin Kubawski and Milosz Sakowski, "#BringBackAlice" is a Polish miniseries that immerses you in an intriguing and captivating narrative.

Indeed, the story immerses you in the vibrant world of popular influencer Alicja Stec, renowned for her lavish lifestyle.
The narrative unfolds with a remarkable evening that takes an unforeseen twist as both Alicja and another girl named Wera mysteriously vanish, leaving the Tri-City community shocked by the disappearance of the two girls.

Despite relentless search efforts, the enigma remains unsolved until Alicja Stec appears on the roadside one year later, a reappearance that raises more questions than it answers.

Meanwhile, Tomek, the drug-dealing brother of the other missing teen, tries to prove the two cases are connected and uncover the truth behind his sister's disappearance.

Amidst the intrigue, Alicja finds herself grappling with no memory of what happened during the past year. However, she is determined to piece together the puzzle of that fateful evening. From fragments of information, unsettling flashbacks, and incomplete memories, Alicja's journey begins. And as her memories gradually resurface, they unveil a tapestry of intricately woven secrets, far more astonishing than they initially appeared. These secrets are bound to leave you pleasantly surprised.

Meet The Cast

Explore the cast of this intriguing miniseries:

  • Helena Englert as sapphic character Alicja Stec
  • Sebastian Dela as Tomek
  • Natalia Iwanska as sapphic character Weronika
  • Bartlomiej Deklewa as Patryk
  • Katarzyna Galazka as Monika
  • Vitalik Havryla as Janek
  • Mila Jankowska as Paula
  • Marcel Opalisnki as Michal
  • Marieta Zukowska as Celina
  • Stanislaw Linowski as Luka

Sneak Peek: Watch The Trailer For "#BringBackAlice"

A captivating glimpse into the mystery awaits you in the trailer of this thrilling suspense, available below. (Note that finding a trailer has been a real puzzle. Unfortunately, there is no English or English subtitled version available.)

Streaming Now

"#BringBackAlice" has been streaming on Max since April 14th with six episodes. I recommend the original version with English subtitles, as the English version omits the translation of crucial text messages.

Will There Be A Season 2?

Given its nature as a miniseries, a second season of "#BringBackAlice" is unlikely even if the show and the cast are both very good.

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