Queer Actress Devery Jacobs Back For "Reservation Dogs" Final Season

Reservation Dogs third season poster.

"Reservation Dogs" is back with its third and final season, starring queer actress Devery Jacobs. 

Beyond The Story: "Reservation Dogs" And Indigenous Culture

In rural Oklahoma, "Reservation Dogs" follows four Native American teenagers on their journey into adulthood. The show's compelling storytelling has won over critics and fans alike in its first two seasons. However, "Reservation Dogs" is more than just a simple story; it represents a rich and authentic exploration of Indigenous culture, breathing new and captivating life into the television landscape.

Under the guidance of co-creator Taika Waititi and showrunner-director Sterlin Harjo, the Indigenous team behind "Reservation Dogs" skillfully incorporates intriguing facets of this often-misunderstood culture. From lighthearted spiritual humor to closely held culinary traditions, the show offers a captivating peek into the inner workings of united Native American communities, weaving a moving narrative with a uniquely relatable touch.

Let's explore what's in store now that the third season is underway.

A Glimpse Into Season 3: What's Next For "Reservation Dogs"

The initial two seasons of "Reservation Dogs" traced an enthralling journey, shifting between moments of joy and challenges. The series deftly weaved heartfelt friendship and community, delving into themes of loss, rural struggles, betrayal, and absent parents. Season 2 concluded touchingly, offering solace to the gang after losing their friend Daniel. But now that this significant chapter of the story has concluded, a question lingers in the air: which new path will the story take in the upcoming season?

In a recent interview, Sterlin Harjo hinted that "Reservation Dogs" season 3 will bring more suspense and a darker atmosphere than earlier seasons. While the show has touched on darker aspects of Indigenous life before, season 3 aims to explore these themes even further, adding depth to the emotional complexity of the series.

A prime example of this deepening unfolds in the third episode, taking audiences on an intensely emotional journey. Through Deer Lady's painful memories, the episode uncovers Indigenous history's legacy, where Indian boarding schools cast a dark shadow of cultural erasure. Flashbacks depict the young Deer Lady enduring cruelty and dehumanization alongside her friends, a stark contrast to her current vibrant and resilient self.

As season 3 delves into Indigenous history and identity, rest assured, moments of lightheartedness and humor will temper the exploration, creating a well-rounded journey. 

"Reservation Dogs" Cast For Season 3

"Reservation Dogs" shines with its authentic Indigenous representation. The actors, chosen from the actual communities they portray, forge strong connections with their roles, seamlessly blending reality and fiction. This dynamic fusion enhances every scene, creating a distinctive impact on viewers.

In the new season, get ready for the exciting return of the Rez Dogs with:

  • D' Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai (Beans) as Bear Smallhill
  • Queer actress and writer Devery Jacobs (This Place) as Elora Danan Postoak
  • Paulina Alexis (Bones of Crows) as Willie Jack
  • Lane Factor (The Fabelmans) as Cheese

The rest of the cast will see the return of:

  • Elva Guerra (Dark Winds) as Jackie
  • Lil Mike (Native Hearts) as Mose
  • Funny Bone (Native Hearts) as Mekko
  • Sarah Podemski (Resident Alien) as Rita, Bear's mother
  • Zahn McClarnon (No Hard Feelings) as Officer Big
  • Dallas Goldtooth (Rutherford Falls) as William Knifeman, the spirit
  • Kaniehtiio Horn (Ghost BFF) as Deer Lady

Watch The Trailer For "Reservation Dogs" Season 3

Explore a glimpse of what's to come in the upcoming season through the captivating trailer below.

Streaming Now: Embrace The Final Chapter

The first episodes of the third and final season of "Reservation Dogs" are currently streaming on Hulu. The season comprises ten episodes, with a new one released every Wednesday until September 27th.

Here's the link to Hulu: hulu.com/series/reservation-dogs-5a310c23-e2db-4c9f-a66c-27c2fee43d92.

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