Revealing The Lesbian Storyline Of "You're Nothing Special"

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If you're looking for an entertaining teen series, "You're Nothing Special" and its surprisingly lesbian character might just be the hidden gem you've been waiting for. To learn more, read on. 

"You're Nothing Special": A Fresh And Captivating Spanish Teen Drama

Created by Estíbaliz Burgaleta, one of the talents behind "Skam España," and co-written with Alberto Grondona (Las Chicas del Cable) and Sergio Granda (Skam España), "You're Nothing Special" (Tú no eres especial) is a Spanish series that shines with its freshness and originality.

Amidst Adolescence, Mystery, And Magic


At the center of the "You're Nothing Special" story is Amaia, a young girl whose life takes an unexpected turn when she leaves her busy life in Barcelona to live in Salabarria, her mom's boring town. But what seemed like a peaceful and monotonous place soon reveals its hidden mysteries and challenges.

As Amaia becomes friends with three high school classmates, they discover Amaia inherited her grandmother's magical talents. This discovery leads her into a world where she sometimes tries to play with her newfound abilities. Quickly, she becomes the person people rely on to solve love problems.

Endearing Characters

From the very beginning of "You're Nothing Special," the characters make us feel welcome in their adventures. While Amaia falls for the high school heartthrob, the others are looking for their soulmates or to lose their virginity. These escapades are at the heart of the story, making episodes fun to watch. They are filled with humor and an easygoing atmosphere that lets us naturally immerse ourselves in this refreshing and funny tale.

A Surprising Lesbian Character

The series also surprises with its LGBTQ+ representation, introducing both a prominent gay character, Javi, and an unexpected lesbian character. Indeed, in the middle of season 1, we find out that Irene is a lesbian. This revelation is surprising because, from the start, Irene is presented solely as the girlfriend of the popular high school guy. In reality, this twist uncovers one of the series' strengths–Irene's character possesses greater depth than initially revealed.

Watch The Trailer For "You're Nothing Special"

If you're interested in the funny and refreshing stories of "You're Nothing Special," check out the trailer below:

Cast: New Faces That Shine On Screen

When diving into a new series like "You're Nothing Special," one of the first things that catches our eye is the cast. Although they might not be well known, they've been a pleasant surprise.

The cast includes:

  • Dèlia Brufau (Les De L'Hoquei) as Amaia
  • Óscar de la Fuente as gay character Javi
  • Ainara Pérez as Lucia
  • Jaime Wang as Zhao
  • Elia Galera (Amar En Tiempos Revueltos) as Amaia's mother, Laura
  • Gabriel Guevara (Skam Espana) as Asier
  • María Mercado (La Caza. Monteperdido) as Irene
  • Víctor Pérez as Chivite

The rest of the lineup includes:

  • Jordi Aguilar (Bajo Sospecha) as Inigo
  • Hilary Yanela as Amaia's sister, Ona
  • Unai Arana (Altsasu) as Jokin
  • Miriam Rubio as Zuri
  • Miriam Cabeza (Gym Tony) as Itziar

Where To Watch "You're Nothing Special"

"You're Nothing Special" is now available on Netflix. Here's the link:

Will There Be A Season 2?

The series' future is unclear, with no official announcement as to whether it will continue or end. To be honest, as time passes, our hopes for a second season of "You're Nothing Special" are diminishing.

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