Dive Into Chaos: Unveiling The LGBTQ+ Storylines Of "Class Of '07"

Class Of '07 season 1 poster.

"Class Of '07" invites you to dive into its crazy world, where a reunion evening in an all-girls high school swiftly turns into chaos. 

If you're looking for a refreshing escape from more somber shows, this Australian gem offers a light break from serious series, with laughter and camaraderie sprinkled with subtle LGBTQ+ elements.

From Reunion To Chaos: Exploring The Quirky World Of "Class Of '07"

Credit: John Platt

As smiles and beloved memories fill the air, an alumni reunion meant for nostalgia takes a surprising turn. Tranquility breaks when an apocalyptic tidal wave hits everything in its path. The high school campus, positioned on a hill, remains resilient against this catastrophe. However, the heroines of "Class Of '07" find themselves trapped on the island peak of their former campus, isolated by endless waters.

After attempting to reach out for help, the wait continues without a response. The only way for them to survive in the face of adversity is to cooperate. Community-based life systems become the new norm, but tensions soon escalate into conflicts.

Amidst insults, harassment, and harmful relationships, hidden traumas surface, prompting teenage memories to flood back. Fresh wounds drive them to confront their painful shared past. But within the pain, a bond of friendship and survival weaves itself in the shadows.

"Class Of '07" stands out from similar shows with its quirky and absurd side. Despite the terrifying circumstances in which the characters evolve, humor and lightness sneak into the narrative, creating an unforgettable blend of emotions. Though I wasn't completely swept away by the series, I still enjoyed it. Lingering questions and character developments kept me watching, intrigued to see how it would all conclude. 

Exploring LGBTQ+ Representation In "Class Of '07"

I was also interested in the presence of a few LGBTQ+ characters. 

Tegan and Megan (Credit: John Platt)

The plot introduces Tegan, a lesbian, and her friend Megan, who share a deep bond that Tegan secretly hopes could turn romantic.

Furthermore, Renee's character, while not confirmed, seems queer, evident from her proudly wearing rainbow socks at the end of season 1. 

Meet The Cast

"Class Of '07" boasts a cast that's not short on talent. Among them:

  • Emily Browning (American Gods, Laura in Monica) as Zoe Miller
  • Caitlin Stasey (Mayans M.C.) as Saskia
  • Megan Smart (Home and Away) as Amelia
  • Claire Lovering (San Andreas) as Genevieve
  • Sarah Krndija (The Junket) as Sandy
  • Emma Horn (Violet Daze) as Renee
  • Steph Tisdell (Total Control) as Phoebe
  • Sana'a Shaik (Dive Club) as Teresa
  • Rose Flanagan (Ja'mie: Private School Girl) as Laura
  • Chi Nguyen (Jeanette in The Wilds) as Megan
  • Bernie Van Tiel (Jade of Death) as Tegan
  • Debra Lawrance (Home and Away, Please Like Me) as Sister Bicky
  • Shay Cohen as young Saskia
  • Julia Savage (The Clearing) as young Zoe
  • Holly Simon (Hardball) as young Amelia

Watch The "Class Of '07" Trailer Below

Catch a preview of what's waiting for you in the new high school drama "Class Of '07" with the trailer below.

Now Streaming

All eight episodes of "Class Of '07" are currently exclusively available on Prime Video at primevideo.com/detail/Class-of-07.

Awaiting Updates For "Class Of '07" Season 2

Phoebe and Renee (Credit: John Platt)

For now Amazon has not yet revealed its plans for a second season. Stay tuned for future announcements.

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