Rumor: Disney+ Could Release A Lesbian Star Wars Series!

Disney lesbian star wars series

This year, Disney was one of the worst networks for LGBTQ representation, but that may be about to change. A rumor indicates that Disney+ may launch a series with a lesbian main character.

It would be great to have an LGBTQ character for kids, the list is very short at the moment and it’s missing. Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on that.

The rumor of a lesbian series in preparation for Disney+ was spread by Jason Ward from MakingStarWars after the released of Star Wars movie ‘The Rise Of Skywalker’.

Regarding the story and character, Ward said the series would focus on Dr. Aphra, a lesbian archaeologist who worked for the rebels and the Empire during the original trilogy.

Originally part of Marvel Comics, Ward said that there was a connection between Marvel, now owned by Disney, and Lucasfilm (Star Wars).

Kieron Gillan, the creator of the character, explained that in his imagination, Dr. Aphra has always been a lesbian:

“I normally say Aphra’s a lesbian. I’ve never written her with any romantic interest in men… I’ve written her primarily romantically interested in women. I think that would be fair to say. Star Wars doesn’t really have the terminology that we do either. One of the things we wrote inside the first arc was that homophobia as we know it doesn’t really exist in the Star Wars universe. No one raises their eyebrow, no one seems surprised when it happens. It’s kind of just something that’s there, so the way that they process sexuality has got to be different anyway, and how they choose to identify, as well.”

It’s just a rumor right now. We don’t know whether the project will be developed or is already in production.

Nevertheless, all the lights are green! Disney has just released the Star Wars series ‘The Mandalorian’, which was a huge success, and two other Star Wars series will be launched soon. One will focus on middle-aged Obi-Wan Kenobi and the other on Cassian Andor, a smuggler seen in the film ‘Rogue One’.

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