Blake And Yang Finally Get Together In "RWBY" Volume 9!

RWBY season 9 poster.

After what felt like an eternity, the highly anticipated Volume 9 of the beloved animated series “RWBY” is finally coming out!

A Magical And Futuristic World Awaits You In “RWBY”!

Discover The Storyline

“RWBY” is an American animated series created by the late Monty Oum and produced by Rooster Teeth Productions. It draws its name from the initials of its four main characters: Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang. The story takes place in a world that combines futuristic aesthetics with classic fairy tale vibes known as the Remnant. It follows a team of young female hunters as they strive to keep the world safe from monstrous creatures called Grimm. Originally portrayed as a lighthearted and whimsical tale, the show has since evolved into something far darker.

Meet The Main Characters

  • Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose.

Ruby Rose is an intrepid young girl with a profound sense of justice and an aptitude for utilizing weapons and combat. As the leader of Team RWBY, Ruby studies at Beacon Academy to become a proficient huntress. Attired in her signature red hooded cape, wielding an impressively lethal scythe, and gifted with silver eyes that give powerful abilities upon her, Ruby has swiftly risen to be one of the most beloved characters in this series.

  • Weiss Schnee

Weiss Schnee.

Weiss Schnee hails from a wealthy and influential family that owns the renowned Schnee Dust Company. This company produces a substance that is used for energy and weaponry throughout RWBY’s world. Despite her affluence, Weiss has difficulty finding her way around the world. To combat this, she actively rebels against her father’s authoritarian ways by joining Beacon Academy as a huntress in training. Initially, Weiss was brusque and standoffish with her teammates, but after working together to conquer several daunting challenges, she learned to trust them and open up.

  • Blake Belladonna

Blake Belladonna.

Blake Belladonna is a Faunus, an intelligent humanoid species who possesses animal features such as her feline-like ears and tail. Before joining the ranks of Beacon Academy’s RWBY team, Blake was a member of the White Fang, a Faunus rights-defending organization that used violent tactics to reach its goals. Blake Belladonna is an experienced and skilled fighter who uses her agility and quick reflexes to swiftly take down her enemies with the Gambol Shroud, her beloved blade. Despite being quite introverted at times, Blake has formed strong connections with her teammates - especially with Yang.

  • Yang Xiao Long

Yang Xiao Long.

Yang Xiao Long is the bold, confident, and strong-willed older half-sister of Ruby Rose. Her tenacity and love of thrills and adventure are unmatched. Her special Semblance ability grants her the power to absorb energy from attacks, enabling her to become stronger, faster, and tougher in battle. She dons Ember Celica gauntlets to deliver powerful punches and explosive energy discharges in fights. Off the battlefield, she is a devoted big sister who provides emotional support for her comrades.

Blake And Yang Finally Get Together!

Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long.

Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long have a dynamic, layered relationship. At first glance, their interactions could be seen to be casual, with Yang playfully bantering with Blake and Blake maintaining a slight distance from her at times. Yet beneath the surface lies a deep emotional connection between them. They share a strong sense of justice and the need to protect the ones they love - often relying on each other in combat to conquer enemies.

In Volume 4 of the series, it is revealed that Yang has been left with heavy emotional scars because of losing her arm in battle - and Blake happens to be one of the few characters who can understand her pain and help her heal.

We eagerly anticipate the long-awaited moment when they will openly declare their feelings for each other. Volume 9 will reportedly feature a steamy, unforgettable kiss between the two, solidifying their status as a couple.

In Route To Volume 9

Rwby Volume 9.

After eight amazing seasons and being literally thrown into the unknown void at the end of Volume 8, it's time for the four heroines of “RWBY” to face even greater challenges in Volume 9.

Uncover All The Secrets Of Volume 9

Rwby Volume 9.

We are eagerly awaiting Volume 9, filled with anticipation following the intense cliffhanger that concluded Volume 8. The new season will resume where the story left off, with Cinder having acquired a relic and Ironwood imposing his rule over an Atlas close to destruction. Winter also makes her return as the Maiden of Winter.

Meanwhile, Ruby and her team face their greatest challenge yet - finding their way back to their kingdom while stuck in a strange and mysterious realm called Ever After. As they strive to protect the remaining relics, Team RWBY explores this unknown world that proves to be even more fantastical than imagined. They soon learn that this realm might not be quite as unknown as they first assumed due to its connection to the Remnant. And as they journey to find a way back home, they’ll have to overcome some of their toughest challenges yet–the struggle of their own identities, and whether or not they’re equipped to stop Salem.

Also, in this new season, Ruby Rose embarks on a personal journey. It's a time for her to question her identity and seek direction in creating her destiny.

Watch The Trailer For Volume 9

Check out the official trailer for Volume 9 below:

Voice Actors That Bring Life To “RWBY”

The voice cast that brings life to the characters of “RWBY” is made up of dubbing experts, including:

  • Lindsey Jones (Red vs. Blue) lending her voice to Ruby Rose
  • Kara Eberle (BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle) voicing Weiss Schnee
  • Barbara Dunkelman (Rooster Teeth Shorts) voicing Yang Xiao Long
  • And Arryn Zech (Red vs. Blue) bringing Blake Belladonna to life

Release Date: “RWBY” Volume 9 Is Coming Soon With 10 Incredible Episodes

The new volume of “RWBY” is set to be the shortest yet, with only ten episodes as opposed to the usual 13-14 from past seasons. It will air weekly on Crunchyroll from February 18, 2023, until April 22, 2023 - no mid-season breaks!

After that, the episodes will be added to Rooster Teeth FIRST, a video-on-demand service you can access for free starting February 18, 2024.

Here’s the link to Crunchyroll: and the one to Rooster Teeth FIRST:

Will There Be A Volume 10?

At the moment, it is unclear whether there will be a season 10 or not. No official announcement has been made yet, but we are keeping an eye out for any updates on the matter. As soon as we hear any news about the next season, we will update this page with the relevant information. So, rest assured that you will be among the first to know once any details are released. In the meantime, let's cross our fingers and hope for the best!

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