Tegan & Sara Team Up With Clea DuVall And Create Comedy Series “High School”

Clea DuVall to direct lesbian comedy

Actress and director Clea DuVall (known for her work in "The Handmaid’s Tale" and "Happiest Seasons") has joined forces with the renowned musical duo Tegan and Sara Quin for an exciting venture. Together, they are bringing to life a lesbian coming-of-age comedy series, inspired by the sisters' best-selling memoir.

Before their career was launched by their seventh album, “Heartthrob,” and in particular by their single “Closer”, which went platinum, Tegan & Sara evolved in the indie music world for a decade.

Tegan & Sara's album

Now known to the general public, Tegan and Sara released a memoir entitled “High School” in September 2019, which is published by Farrar, Straus, and Giroux.

This memoir will be available in a paperback version on November 17, 2020.

Following the release of the book, the two sisters and their director and writer friend Clea DuVall came up with the idea to create a series directly inspired by the memoir.

The new teenage series will be a transcendent story of first loves and first songs.

It will be an opportunity to know Tegan and Sara on a more personal level, to explore their adolescence, and to plunge back into the ‘90s through a backdrop of grunge and rave culture.

There is no release date for the show yet, which is only in the project stage at the moment, but I will have the opportunity to write about it again.

However, what I can tell you for now is that the show will be produced by Plan B Entertainment and Amazon Studios, which means the series should get a good exposure.

Finally, in parallel to the memoir and the series, Tegan & Sara released “Hey, I’m Just Like You”, an alt-pop album that reimagines their first songs written in their bedrooms in the 90s.

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