"Terra e Paixão": New Brazilian Series Features LGBTQ+ Characters

Terra e Paixão season 1 poster.

Love, greed, and justice combine in "Terra e Paixão," the latest dramatic series that promises to capture your attention from the very first second.

Stellar Cast And Promising Plot

"Terra e Paixão," created by Walcyr Carrasco (Soul Mate, Verdades Secretas), offers a fiery and dramatic plot that delves into the complexities of greed-driven land disputes. With a talented cast of performers, the story offers an intense exploration of its characters' emotions and struggles. But that's not all - this captivating drama also features dynamic LGBTQ+ characters, adding a powerful touch of diversity to the storyline.

An Intense Storyline You Do Not Want to Miss

Barbara Reis as Aline Barroso Machado.

The heart-wrenching story follows Aline Machado, a young mathematics teacher who endures a traumatic event after her husband's sudden death. With her son João by her side, Aline exhibits remarkable courage in learning agricultural skills to navigate the agri-food market. As she navigates this new world, she finds solace in her mother Jussara, and Jonatas, Samuel's cousin, who quickly becomes her loyal confidant.

Aline, mãe de Caio, and Daniel.

Along the way, she crosses paths with a cast of characters whose lives intertwine unexpectedly. Caio and Daniel, the sons of Antônio La Selva, the largest rural producer in the region, vie for Aline's affection despite their family's complicated web of secrets and drama.

As Aline learns more about Antônio's involvement in her husband's death, a fierce desire for justice and revenge burns within her, driving the story forward with an intense emotional charge.

With twists and turns around every corner, this compelling narrative is not to be missed.

LGBTQ+ Representation

Menah and Mara.

The series features a cast of captivating LGBTQ+ characters, each with their own distinct stories woven into the narrative. Mara Ramalho, owner of a transport company and lover of Jonatas' sister Menah, and Luana Shine, a kind and sincere transgender woman who runs the local bar and harbors a secret love interest, are just two examples of the dynamic and multifaceted characters in the series.

Bar de Cândida manager Luana Shine.

Through their journeys, viewers are offered a glimpse into the intricate ways in which their lives intersect with the larger narrative of Aline's story.

Meet The Cast

"Terra e Paixão" features an impressive cast of Brazilian talents, including:

  • Barbara Reis (Dark Days) as Aline Barroso Machado
  • Gloria Pires (Reaching For The Moon, Irrational Heart) as Irene Pinheira La Selva
  • Caua Reymond (Brazil Avenue) as Caio Meirelles La Selva
  • Tony Ramos (Cabocla) as Antonio La Selva
  • Johnny Massaro (The Movie Of My Life) as Daniel La Selva
  • Renata Gaspar (Under Pressure) as Mara Ramalh
  • Camilla Damião as Menah Dos Santos
  • Trans actress Valéria Barcellos as Luana Shine
  • Debora Ozorio (Anos Radicais) as Petra La Selva
  • Rainer Cadete (Verdades Secretas) as Luigi San Marco
  • Paulo Lessa (Cara e Coragem) as Jonatas Dos Santos
  • Tatiana Tiburcio (Rising Sun) as Jussara Barroso
  • Matheus Assis (Os Justiceiros) as Joao Barroso Machado
  • Italo Martins (Invisible City) as Samuel Machado
  • Gay actor Diego Martins (Queen Stars) as gay character Kelvin

Get Ready For The Premiere

"Terra e Paixo" premiered on Globo on May 8, 2023. With six episodes premiering daily, it is sure to be a thrilling watch. Here's the link to Globo: gshow.globo.com/novelas/terra-e-paixao and to its streaming platform GloboPlay: globoplay.globo.com.

Check Out The Trailer!

Are you excited to immerse yourself in the story of "Terra e Paixão"? Check out the trailer and prepare for the first episode!

"Terra e Paixão" Season 2 Update

It is still too early to tell if "Terra e Paixão" will have a second season. Stay tuned!

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