"Warrior Nun" Saved From Cancellation Promises Epic Trilogy Of Movies

Alba Baptista and Kristina Tonteri Young kissing in Warrior Nun season 2 final episode.

When fans' passion defies the impossible, miracles happen. Here's how "Warrior Nun" was resurrected from the ashes. 

After facing the heartbreaking news that Netflix would not renew "Warrior Nun" for a third season, fans took to social media and the streets with unrelenting determination. They launched a full-blown campaign, urging the streaming giant to reconsider its decision and bring back their beloved series. The hashtag #SaveWarriorNun trended worldwide, and the fans' voices were heard loud and clear. 

"Warrior Nun" Returns

It's not often that a canceled television series gets a second chance, and this is what just happened with "Warrior Nun." Against all odds, the show is being resurrected, much to the delight of its dedicated fanbase. The supernatural world of warrior nuns and demonic forces will once again be brought to life by the talented team behind the series. With showrunner Simon Barry at the helm, you can expect an exciting and thrilling continuation of the story you fell in love with. 

"Today I'm happy to officially report that because of your combined voices, passion, and amazing efforts - #WarriorNun will return and is going to be more EPIC than you could imagine," Simon Barry Tweeted.

"More details to come! SOON! Thank you!! #SaveWarriorNun #WarriorNunSaved"

#Savewarriornun: How Fan Perseverance Brought Victory

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The perseverance of passionate fans has brought about a resounding victory for "Warrior Nun" and its message of inclusivity and representation.

Through their unwavering determination - banners all around the country and rallies in front of the Netflix building - and the power of the #SaveWarriorNun hashtag, these supporters have shown that the public voice can indeed make a difference.

In a time where diversity and acceptance are crucial, "Warrior Nun" has emerged as a beacon of hope. It offers a positive and empowering portrayal of the LGBTQ+ community and sisterhood that knows no bounds. 

From Comic Book To Screen: The Origins Of "Warrior Nun"

"Warrior Nun" is a series inspired by the 1993 comic book "Warrior Nun Areala" by Ben Dunn.

The story follows Ava Silva, a young orphan who wakes up in a morgue with a powerful and ancient artifact embedded in her back. As she navigates this new world, she discovers an ancient order of warrior nuns who fight against demonic forces threatening to destroy our world. Ava quickly becomes entangled in their mission and develops superpowers as the chosen halo bearer.

With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, Ava must navigate her new powers and work alongside her fellow warrior nuns to vanquish evil once and for all. 

Courage, Sacrifice, And Love: Recapping "Warrior Nun" Season 2

Season 2 of "Warrior Nun" took us on a tumultuous journey as we followed Ava and her loyal companions through a battle that tested their courage and resolve.

As they fought against Adriel's nefarious schemes, our heroes paid a heavy price for their bravery. Tragedy struck when they lost their leader in a fierce battle, and Ava herself was pushed to the brink of death.

But amidst all the turmoil, a bright spot emerged - the romance between Ava and Beatrice. Their long-awaited kiss was a moment of pure joy, but it was short-lived as Ava was whisked away to another world for her own safety. The pain of their separation only added to the already deep wounds left by their sacrifices, leaving our hearts in tatters.

Here's a beautiful video recap of Avatrice made by Eva Broeck: 

So What's Next For "Warrior Nun"?

Production of movie #1 is launched!

The long-awaited return of "Warrior Nun" has sparked a series of questions, centered around two key points: where the plot will unfold next, and how it will take shape. The revelations, now shared by Dean English, the executive producer of "Warrior Nun," have added a new level of excitement to the mix.

Netflix vs. New Home

As the series announced its return, the first question was about its next platform. Netflix or somewhere new? The answer is clear: the story continues beyond Netflix.

Three Movies!

Everyone was curious about how the exciting story of "Warrior Nun" would unfold. Would it be a new season or a film? The answer was unexpected: neither.

Instead, it'll make its comeback through THREE films—a cinematic trilogy promising even more excitement, drawing us deeper into the world we adore.

And More!!!

Dean English also revealed that there's going to be a universe being launched of "Warrior Nun," which could expand into films and TV series following characters that we already know. 

The Announcement

Watch as Dean English, the executive producer of "Warrior Nun," unveils what's in store for the future of the story.

If you wish to sign up to the email list he's talking about, here's the link: warriornunsaved.com.

Awaiting The Release Date Of "Warrior Nun" First Movie

We're eagerly anticipating the announcement of the release date for the debut feature film of "Warrior Nun." Note that this page will be updated as soon as the information becomes available.

The fervor and enthusiasm of "Warrior Nun" fans have once again proved the power of a devoted community. Thanks to their passion and unwavering support, the story will continue. The upcoming movie promises to be just as thrilling and captivating as the series, with new challenges and mysteries awaiting our beloved warrior nuns. What dangers will they face? What secrets will be uncovered? Will Ava and Beatrice reunite? These questions fill us with anticipation and excitement for what's to come. Feel free to share your expectations and theories in the comments below. 

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