Watch Sapphic And Lesbian Movies On Amazon Prime Video

Lesbian movies on Amazon Prime Video.

Whether you're a student, working professional, or stay-at-home parent, odds are you have some free time on your hands. And what better way to spend that time than by watching lesbian or sapphic movies? Luckily, Amazon Prime Video has a library of movies to suit everyone's interests.

From heart-wrenching dramas to light-hearted comedies, there's something for everyone on Amazon Prime Video. And the best part is that you can watch these movies without even leaving your house! So curl up with a blanket, make some popcorn, and get ready to binge-watch some of the best lesbian and sapphic movies available on Amazon Prime Video.

1. Wildland

"Wildland" is a thought-provoking film that tells the story of Ida, a 17-year old lesbian girl who is sent to live with her aunt, Bodil, and her family after her mom dies in a car accident. Initially disarmed by her induction into the brood, the mysterious nature of the family business plunges Ida into a moral quandary and the questioning of family bonds. Following Ida's journey through difficult times, "Wildland" navigates tough subjects like abusive relationships and addiction with sensitivity and nuance. The film is ultimately a powerful exploration of what it means to be part of a family, for better or for worse. If you're looking for an engaging and thought-provoking movie experience, "Wildland" is a must-see.

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2. You Can Live Forever

Set in 1992, "You Can Live Forever" is a captivating film that tells the poignant love story between Jaime and Marike, two teenage girls from different religious backgrounds. Jaime, a 16-year-old gay girl, relocates to a devout Jehovah's Witness community, where she crosses paths with Marike, the daughter of a Witness elder. Despite their religious differences, the two forge a secret and intense bond, defying opposition from their community. However, their clandestine romance is discovered, leading Marike to agree to an arranged marriage to secure their happiness in God's promised kingdom. Jaime faces a heart-wrenching choice between holding onto her beliefs or losing the love of her life. Co-written and co-directed by Sarah Watts, this heartfelt film advocates love, tolerance, and open-mindedness. Starring Anwen O’Driscoll and June Laporte, "You Can Live Forever" captivates with its unique narrative and compelling characters. Don't miss this emotional journey, watch online "You Can Live Forever" now.

3. The Fallout

"The Fallout" is a gripping film exploring the aftermath of a school shooting. Jenna Ortega delivers a powerful performance as Vada, a survivor grappling with trauma. The movie portrays authentic LGBTQ+ characters and their relationships. It leaves a lasting impact, making audiences crave more. A must-watch for its emotional depth and stellar acting.

4. Bonnie & Bonnie

"Bonnie & Bonnie" is a touching German lesbian movie that follows the love story of Yara and Kiki. Yara, living a constrained life, finds liberation and love in Kiki's free-spirited nature. Their relationship is beautiful yet challenged by Yara's father's disapproval. Faced with opposition, they embark on an emotional journey, reminiscent of Bonnie and Clyde, seeking freedom and acceptance. The film captures the power of love and rebellion, leaving you inspired and moved by its poignant message.

5. Master Gardener

"Master Gardener" is an enchanting film directed by Paul Schrader, featuring Joel Edgerton as Narvel Roth, a horticulturist with a dark past. When he takes in troubled apprentice Maya (non-binary actor Quintessa Swindell), buried secrets resurface. The film explores themes of loneliness and existential crises. Premiered at the Venice Film Festival, it captivates with stellar performances and Schrader's masterful storytelling. A must-see for cinema enthusiasts and fans of Schrader's work.


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