“The First Lady”: Watch The Untold Story Of Eleanor Roosevelt

Showtime's new series The First Lady.

If you’re looking for something new to watch on TV, then look no further than Showtime’s latest series, “The First Lady”. This captivating drama tells the story of three iconic first ladies: Michelle Obama, Betty Ford, and Eleanor Roosevelt. Each of these women had a fascinating life and story behind them, and the series delves deep into the hidden aspects of their journeys. But perhaps the most exciting aspect of this show is its exploration of Eleanor Roosevelt’s queer side, which has remained largely under the radar in our history books. Whether you’re a fan of historical fiction or just want to keep up with one of the hottest new TV shows around, be sure to check out “The First Lady” today!

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Kristen Stewart On Playing Princess Diana In “Spencer”

In my earlier piece on the lesbian romantic comedy "Happiest Seasons", I highlighted that Kristen Stewart was all set to essay the character of Princess Diana in her upcoming project. In a recent update, Stewart has opened up about the role and how she's leaving no stone unturned in her quest for mastering the portrayal of the iconic princess.

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One Month Left Before The Release Of Lady Gaga’s New Album Chromatica

lady gaga chromatica

Lady Gaga recently had a huge success with the film A Star Is Born. The film’s soundtrack was released on October 5th with many new songs.

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Lady Gaga To Release Her New Album "Chromatica" On May 29!

lady gaga sixth album chromatica

Last year, Lady Gaga was working on new songs and now she is back with a new album, “Chromatica.”

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Bisexual Congresswoman Katie Hill Has Resigned

katie hill

Katie Hill, 32-year-old, became the first ever openly bisexual person to be elected to the U.S. Congress in the mid-term elections of 2018. It was a real pride for this young politician and for our community.

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