U.S. Supreme Court Leaves Texas on California’s Discrimination List

SCOTUS won't hear Texas' case asking to be removed from California's discrimination list.

Texas recently made headlines by passing a discriminatory measure against LGBTQ+ individuals, leading to its inclusion on California's list of states to be avoided. However, Texas' efforts to challenge this decision through legal means did not unfold as anticipated.

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California To Expand State-Funded Travel Ban To Five New States

California law now prohibits five more states in its state-funded travel ban.

Assemblyman Evan Low has revealed that California is expanding its list of states subject to a taxpayer-funded travel ban due to recent measures viewed as discriminatory against LGBTQ+ Americans.

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West Hollywood To Update LGBTQ+ Crosswalks And Add A Trans One

West Hollywood to add black and brown stripes to LGBTQ+ crosswalks.

The city of West Hollywood, California is planning to enhance the inclusiveness of several LGBTQ+ crosswalks.

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