West Hollywood To Update LGBTQ+ Crosswalks And Add A Trans One

West Hollywood to add black and brown stripes to LGBTQ+ crosswalks.

The city of West Hollywood, California is planning to enhance the inclusiveness of several LGBTQ+ crosswalks.

First, the city wants to expand the representation of the LGBTQ+ community by adding black and brown stripes to the rainbow crosswalks at Santa Monica and San Vicente boulevards.

It’s also a way to raise awareness, as West Hollywood City Council member John D’Amico explains.

“As a gay white male of a certain age in this city, I do strongly support this effort to bring new life and new awareness to all the kinds of ways in which we want to make sure people are represented and have a place in our community whether it's spoken or painted or written.”

West Hollywood councilman John D'Amico.

John D'Amico

Then, the city also plans to represent the transgender community by creating a new crosswalk and painted it the blue, pink, and white of the trans flag which will be located on Santa Monica Boulevard too. The location is not known yet.

The West Hollywood City Council unanimously adopted both plans.

Queer social justice activist Amber Hikes.

Amber Hikes

Queer social justice activist and creator of the new LGBTQ+ flag with black and brown stripes, Amber Hikes, said in a statement that “the symbols we use, the representations we highlight, matters. It matters to people who have not always seen themselves in West Hollywood, and it matters to people who would prefer to keep it that way.

She added: “Your city and your leaders have for decades been role modeling that it’s possible that we embrace equity, demand justice, and celebrate all of us.

“Updating your flag proclaims with everything that Black lives more than matter. You’re saying that queer Black and Brown representation is who we are, that Black and Brown trans lives are precious and ought to be celebrated, that centering the leadership and voices of those who are impacted is the only way we will arrive at collective liberation.”

West Hollywood became the first city ever to paint rainbow crosswalks in honor of the LGBTQ+ community in 2012.

Since then, other cities have painted rainbow crossings around the world.

Today, West Hollywood is once again pioneering the representation of the LGBTQ+ community as a whole.

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