Lesbian Officer Was Recognized For Her Bravery In Christmas Bombing

Lesbian officer Amanda Topping was a hero¨during Christmas bombing.

You might already be familiar with the shocking news of the bomb detonation in Nashville, Tennessee, that took place on Christmas Day. Amidst that chaos, there was a beacon of bravery - a lesbian officer who displayed remarkable heroism on that fateful day.

Having received a strange call on the morning of December 25, Officer Amanda Topping and her colleagues went to Second Avenue in downtown Nashville.

Once there, they heard a female voice coming from loudspeakers on an RV.

The message was creepy because it invited people to evacuate the area while counting down the time left before an explosion, with the song “Downtown” in the background.

Not understanding what was going on, the police began evacuating the people present and sheltered almost 30 people who were on the street in question.

Minutes later, Officer Topping was frightened to death and showed great heroism when she rescued her colleague James Wells.

They were both close to the van when it exploded. Seeing flames coming out of the van, Officer Topping ran to his colleague, who was fortunately only a few feet away, grabbed him with all her might, and rushed through a door to protect themselves from the blast.

Nashville Mayor John Cooper saluted her courage and one of the other five officers.

It was a “miracle” that no one was killed that day. Only three civilians were injured in the explosion.

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