The Nondiscrimination Rules Has Come To An End In North Carolina

The nondiscrimination ban expired in North Carolina.

Anticipation grows as we await the unfolding events in North Carolina, following the expiration of the state's ban on cities penalizing local businesses for LGBTQ discrimination.

For now, everything remains a secret. The mayors are not releasing any information about their intentions.

It seems that some municipalities have started discussions on the subject, but nothing is leaking out. It is quite frustrating...

Nevertheless, LGBTQ rights groups have indicated that they are standing by, ready.

We remember the terrible ordeal of the HB2 law - the Bathrooms Bill - banning transgender people from public restrooms, which had also affected many tomboy, butch, or genderfluid people.

Kendra Johnson, executive director of Equality NC, said she wants to focus on housing in 2021 because she noted that some LGBTQ people were hiding their queer identity for fear of losing their homes in the middle of the pandemic.

And Allison Scott, the policy director of the Campaign for Southern Equality, put health care at the top of her list of priorities.

While we have no more information about what the mayors of North Carolina are planning, we will of course be following this closely.

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Tuesday, 28 May 2024