Tennessee Approves Bill That Will Allow Parents To Remove Their Children From LGBTQ Curriculum

Tennessee bill for parents on the LGBTQ curriculum.

Following their March decision to restrict trans children's participation in sports teams aligning with their true gender, Tennessee lawmakers have once more given the green light to another anti-LGBTQ bill.

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Bethany Christian Services Denies A Lesbian The Right To Become A Foster Parent

Foster care services denied to Kelly Easter, a lesbian in Tennessee.

A foster care agency in Tennessee denied custody of refugee children to Kelly Easter, a resident, solely based on her being a lesbian.

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Tennessee To Protect Adoption Agencies That Discriminate Against LGBTQ Couples


Tennessee lawmakers are beginning the new year by increasing discrimination against LGBTQ families.

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Lesbian Officer Was Recognized For Her Bravery In Christmas Bombing

Lesbian officer Amanda Topping was a hero¨during Christmas bombing.

You might already be familiar with the shocking news of the bomb detonation in Nashville, Tennessee, that took place on Christmas Day. Amidst that chaos, there was a beacon of bravery - a lesbian officer who displayed remarkable heroism on that fateful day.

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