The Anglican Church in Wales Approves Blessings for Same-Sex Married Couples

Same-sex marriages are now blessed even if the Church still doesn’t perform same-sex marriages.

In a historic decision, the Anglican Church in Wales has approved the blessing of same-sex couples in civil marriages. This progressive move will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on church members and the wider community.

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The Swiss Have Legalized Equal Marriage And Adoption!

Voters legalise same-sex marriage in Switzerland!

A long and difficult battle ended with a referendum on same-sex marriage and equal adoption in Switzerland. The “yes” camp won by a majority vote that now extends full legal rights for same-sex couples across the country.

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Supreme Court Says No To Florist Who Will Not Serve Same-Sex Couples

Supreme court LGBTQ discrimination.

The United States Supreme Court has declared that it will not entertain an appeal from a Washington state florist who declined to supply flowers for same-sex weddings. With this decision, the case is now officially closed.

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New Jersey Passes Law To Facilitate Adoption For LGBTQ Couples

lgbtq adoption in new jersey

The adoption process has been difficult, very lengthy and very costly for LGBTQ people in New Jersey so far. A bill has been approved to facilitate access to adoption for LGBTQ parents who have used donor genetic material to have a child.

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Bosnia And Herzegovina Takes The First Step Towards Recognition Of LGBTQ Unions

bosnia and herzegovina first step recognition same sex unions shutterstock 568706347

The Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina is taking a step towards recognizing and opening marriage to same-sex couples.

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Tennessee To Protect Adoption Agencies That Discriminate Against LGBTQ Couples


Tennessee lawmakers are beginning the new year by increasing discrimination against LGBTQ families.

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UK: The number of same-sex couple families has more than doubled in three years


A study in the United Kingdom has shown that the number of same-sex couples in three years has increased by over 50 percent.

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