UK: The number of same-sex couple families has more than doubled in three years


A study in the United Kingdom has shown that the number of same-sex couples in three years has increased by over 50 percent.

The number of same-sex families has more than doubled since 2015, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

There were 68,000 same-sex couple households in 2018, representing 29.4 percent of all same-sex couples living together. They only accounted for 8.9% in 2015.

An ONS statistician said the legalization of marriage equality in 2014 played a major role in increasing same-sex couples residing together. LGBTQ people and therefore couples feel more comfortable in their lives.

LGBT Foundation communications coordinator Joe Nellist said: “It is positive to see that more same-sex couples feel confident and able to disclose their relationship and household status.

“We have made significant developments in LGBT equality legislation, including marriage equality in England, Wales, and Scotland, which has given more LGBT people the confidence to live their lives openly.

“It is important to remember that if we’re not counted, we don’t count.”

Statistics show that same-sex couples living together have risen sharply in recent years. The trend is on the rise for the third year in a row.


The number of same-sex couple families has more than doubled over three years

In the UK, a study conducted by the National Statistics Office (ONS) showed that the number of same-sex cohabiting couples has increased by over 50 percent over three years.

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Friday, 12 April 2024