Sark Is UK’s Latest Territory To Legalize Marriage Equality

sark marriage equality

With Northern Ireland finally legalizing marriage equality, which will come into force in January 2020, there was only one tiny British territory, the isle of Sark, which had not legalized marriage for same-sex couples yet.

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UK Charity Albert Kennedy Trust Asks LGBTQ Youth To Postpone Coming Out

uk charity lgbtq youth coming out covid 19

British charities are asking young LGBTQ people to stay in the closet during the COVID-19 pandemic to protect them.

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The Lesbian, Gay And Bisexual Population Has Increased Significantly In The UK

uk lgbtq people

A new survey conducted in the United Kingdom reveals that there is a substantial rise in the number of people identifying as lesbian, gay or bisexual (+ 2.2 percent in one year).

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Renault Celebrates Clio’s 30th Anniversary With A Beautiful Lesbian Love Story

renault clio lesbian ad

French car brand Renault is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its Clio model with an ad that tells a beautiful lesbian love story full of emotion.

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It Is Time To Put LGBT Rights Back At The Heart Of The British Elections

2019 uk elections lgbt rights

With the upcoming elections in the United Kingdom, we are entitled to ask ourselves whether LGBTQ rights will play an important role in these elections? I’m afraid we’re a little disappointed. Brexit and climate, equally important issues for the British, should play a major role.

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Northern Ireland To Legalize Equal Marriage But Some People Will Be Left Out

northern ireland marriage equality

Something incredible happened in Northern Ireland this summer. The British Parliament voted to allow LGBT couples to marry.

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UK: The number of same-sex couple families has more than doubled in three years


A study in the United Kingdom has shown that the number of same-sex couples in three years has increased by over 50 percent.

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UK Government Aims To Ban “Conversion Therapy” Once And For All

Rainbow flag flying.

The UK government has taken a significant step towards protecting LGBTQ+ individuals by announcing its intention to ban “conversion therapy” in all its forms in England and Wales.

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Poll: A Majority Of Anglicans Says ‘I Do’ To Same-Sex Marriage

Anglicans are in favor of same-sex marriages.

In a survey conducted last year by the Ozanne Foundation and YouGov, a significant shift in the Church of England's stance on same-sex marriage was revealed. The findings shed light on how the Church community perceives this topic and its views towards it.

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