From Ellen To Elliot Page

From Ellen to Elliot Page.

In a groundbreaking move for trans visibility, Elliot Page has bravely shared their truth with the world and opened up about their gender identity on a global scale.

Elliot Page, formerly known as "Ellen" Page, has come out as a trans person and has expressed their preference to be referred to using the pronouns he/they.

When he came out as a lesbian a few years ago, there was a huge wave of support and I’m really glad to see that this time too, even though, unlike the previous coming out, we already know that there will be two waves: one of support and one of hate, including within our community, which is the saddest here.

So, today, these few lines are here to add a little more support to Elliot Page.

The news came as quite a surprise to me. When he first came out as a lesbian, we had been waiting for it for years, but this time, we didn’t see it coming :).

Everyone has their journey in the discovery of their identity.

For some, it is obvious very quickly, and for others, it is an evolution in the course of their lives.

In any case, we know that Elliot has contributed much to the representation of LGBTQ+ people, especially women, in film and series in recent years and will no doubt continue to represent the full diversity of our community in the years to come.

After that, as a fan of his work, the only thing that worries me is the continuation of his career. I really hope that he will be given the opportunity to continue to take part in great movies. For now, he was confirmed in the season 3 of "Umbrella Academy".

Here is the official statement from Elliot Page:

Elliot Page came out as trans in this official statement.

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Tuesday, 25 June 2024