Monday, 12 July 2010 16:06

Meet Elsi Sloan, A Swedish Non-Binary Artist You Need To Know

Queer musician Elsi Sloan.

Elsi Sloan is a Swedish non-binary artist who you need to know. Elsi's music combines the hard and refined, with an artpop that is pure, tender and poignant. However, this is not simply pop music - it is artshit.

Elsi Sloan's Latest Movies

  • Heartbeast

Elsi Sloan is playing Elina, a 17-year-old aspiring rapper who falls in love with her half-sister Sofia (Carmen Kassovitz), a charismatic ballerina, in Aino Suni latest lesbian film "Heartbeast."

To read more about Aino Suni's "Heartbeast" and watch the trailer, please click on this link >>


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