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Listen To Hollie Col’s New Single ‘Reruns’

Hollie Col Reruns.

After a first single ‘Forgot To Love You’, Australian pop singer-songwriter Hollie Col has released a new song called ‘Reruns’. The track will be included on her upcoming EP, and its lighthearted sound is sure to make you feel good!

“This is my favorite song I’ve released so far,” Col shared on social media. “I hope listening to reruns makes whatever weight you are carrying feel a little lighter.”

A nice warm hug

Produced by Brody Simpson, ‘Reruns’ was written by Hollie Col along with Dylan Nash, who has worked with several well-known artists, including Angus & Julia Stone

“Ultimately, Dylan Nash and I wrote it about showing up for someone you care about and being there when they’re ready to talk,” she explained.

“It’s about those nights watching reruns of their favorite show with them, just so they know you’re there. Or inviting them on a drive down the coast to get them out of their head and into the salty air. There’s something so beautiful about human connection; it’s truly the most valuable thing we have.

“So I hope, especially in a world of lockdowns and social isolation, if you’re feeling heavy or lonely, you can put this song on, and it can feel like a nice warm hug from me.”

Singer-songwriter Hollie Col.

Watch the music video

You can watch the beautiful video clip for this song below. It was filmed by the singer herself with Tal Hymans and is the third part of the Julia Stevens series chronicling her journey after ‘Happy Breakup’ and ‘Forgot To Love You’!

Listen to Hollie Col’s new song

Listen to Hollie Col’s new song, and her previous music, on YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, other platforms, or visit her official website

Hollie Col’s new EP

Hollie Col’s new EP “Forgot To Love You” is set to be released in early 2022 before a series of shows scheduled in February.

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