Queer Singer/Songwriter QueenEarth Releases New Album “Songs For Isolation”

queenearth songs for isolation

QueenEarth brings us good vibes at this time of containment.

QueenEarth is an acoustic singer/songwriter and MC. She shares her music through events for social justice and community education. Her showcase, QueerCore: Behind the Music, was created to make safe space and feature stories of LGBT heroes, audiences, and allies.

In addition to performing her music, QueenEarth has combined her passions to create courses, programs, and events that promote equity, inclusion, and arts education.

QueenEarth was recently scheduled to tour the Midwest. Excited to meet her fans and perform on stage, she is now on lockdown.

“In mid-March 2020, I hopped in a Lyft to get to the airport to start a Midwest tour that would be the culmination of 10 years in the making,” she said. “I was going to travel to a new part of the country and meet people who needed to speak, and they wanted to be a part of Queer Core and share and listen. Right before I checked my bag, my phone rang. All of it was canceled.”

QueenEarth came to think she could still share her music and all these new songs. She started sharing new songs on social networks as she couldn’t do it on stage and now she’s releasing “Songs For Isolation, a new 10-song album to help us through this period of stress and uncertainty.

queer core songs for isolation queenearth

“Music has always been soothing to me,” she said. “It faithfully gives me something to occupy my time and my thoughts… other than with thoughts of coronavirus, quarantines, hoarding, and all of the other bad things that are impacting the way we move about the world. We shouldn’t go to the gym. We gotta help out with #flatteningthecurve.”

She continues:

“What are we to do with all this social isolation? I’ve been speechless and anxious, but I promised myself that I would take care of my body, mind, and spirit, even better in 2020. I’m laying the foundations for the next batch of music, the next batch of business, my next chapter. For all of us working from home, trying to move our bodies or stare at a screen, here is something to occupy our minds. No lyrics. No words. No headlines.

“Here is a little chilled out sample of what I have been creating while I prepared for this quarantine and pushed through creating music lessons, equity trainings, and planting seeds for what’s to come.”

I love “Quarantined Sax”! It’s the perfect song to start the day! What’s your favorite song?

Buy “Songs For Isolation” on Bandcamp now: msqueenearth.bandcamp.com/album/queer-core-songs-for-isolation

Other songs are to be discovered on Queenearth’s Instagram and Facebook with #beatsfrommyjeep: Facebook - Instagram.

For more information about QueenEarth, visit her website: queenearth.com

“I hope this music makes you feel a little less worried, serves you when it is time to take a pause, helps you reminisce on a different time, and become excited about what’s coming. Fill the space with writing your own story. Stay healthy out there. Music is medicine.” - QueenEarth

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