Duluth, Minnesota Approves A “Conversion Therapies” Ban


There are some super positive things going on in Minnesota and it feels good at the end of the year, especially as we’re going to be tipping into the presidential elections in 2020 that’ll probably be much less fun.

The City of Duluth’s plan was to ban “conversion therapy” for minors” for minors to protect them from this practice, which is recognized as extremely dangerous and has already claimed many victims.

“This therapy is not even a therapy. That has been proven over and over again by many a different organization,” Izzy Laderman, a 16-year-old lesbian and a Duluth resident who was present at the debates, told the Star Tribune. “It teaches kids like me to hate ourselves when most of us are already struggling with our identities on our own.”

The question was whether Duluth City Council would support the bill co-sponsored by gay Council Member Gary Anderson and Council President Noah Hobbs.

We could be optimistic after the impressive list of cities that approved the ban over the past year.

However, because the election is coming up and everyone wants to push themselves forward, which exaggerates everything, the support is stronger, the opposition too, we could still have doubts.

Doubts that fortunately were quickly dispelled, as the Duluth City Council approved the “conversion therapies” ban that “protects the physical and psychological well-being of minors” from the city. The ordinance was also passed unanimously.

It’s cool to see another city that opposes and above all protects young LGBTQ people!

Duluth becomes the second city in Minnesota to ban “conversion therapy” after Minneapolis as we saw last week.

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Saturday, 13 April 2024