Senate Blocks Ban On “Conversion Therapy” in Canada

Canada senate blocked the conversion therapy ban.

In a significant move for LGBTQ+ rights, Canada's Prime Minister has vowed to make "conversion therapy" illegal under Canadian law. However, the Senate delayed the vote on the bill.

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North Carolina: Four Pro-LGBTQ Bills VS Two Anti-LGBTQ Bills

North Carolina set of pro-LGBTQ bills.

As the storm of anti-LGBTQ legislation sweeps through Arkansas, a ray of hope emerges in North Carolina, where legislators and Equality NC unveil four pro-LGBTQ bills, igniting a beacon of progress.

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Indianapolis Supports Bill To Ban “Conversion Therapies”

Indianapolis support the

Democratic and openly gay Senator J.D. Ford introduced a bill to ban “conversion therapies” to minors under the age of 18 in Indiana.

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French National Assembly Approved The “Conversion Therapy” Ban!

National Assembly unanimously backed proposed legislation to prohibit “conversion therapy” in France.

France is on the brink of potentially joining the ranks of nations that have banned "conversion therapies," the controversial practices aimed at altering an individual's sexual orientation or gender identity.

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Mexican State of Yucatán Passes Law Legalizing Equal Marriage and Banning “Conversion Therapies”

Yucatán marriage equality is here!

In a groundbreaking vote, the Congress of the Mexican state of Yucatán has enacted a law legalizing equal marriage and prohibiting "conversion therapies." This momentous decision isn't just a cause for celebration in Yucatán; it's a significant milestone for the entire Latin American region!

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Utah Prohibits “Conversion Therapy”!

utah conversion therapy ban

Here’s another victory to add to the list of LGBTQ rights in the first month of 2020! Utah approved the “conversion therapies” ban!

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Minneapolis Becomes The First City In Minnesota To Ban “Conversion Therapies”!


A few days ago I was telling you about Edmonton, Canada, whose city council has approved a “conversion therapy” ban. Today, let’s talk about Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the city has agreed to protect LGBTQ youth.

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New Zealand Could Join The Ranks In Banning “Conversion Therapy”

Conversion therapy ban nz.

New Zealand is preparing to join a multitude of countries or states worldwide that have prohibited "conversion therapy" for LGBTQ individuals.

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Conversion Therapy Ban Passed The First Stage In Oklahoma

oklahoma conversion therapy ban first stage photo gettyimages

Oklahoma may ban conversion therapy for minors.

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What If Utah Bans “Conversion Therapy”?


After Minneapolis and Duluth, Minnesota recently banned “conversion therapies”, Utah could prohibit it too.

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Governor Tim Walz Calls On Senators To Prohibit “Conversion Therapy”

governor tim walz conversion therapy

Governor Tim Walz and LGBTQ groups are trying to ban “conversion therapy” to protect Minnesota minors.

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Australia: Victoria Introduces Bill To Ban “Conversion Therapies”

Victoria, Australia to ban conversion therapy.

In the vibrant landscape of LGBTQ rights and advocacy, certain milestones shine as beacons of hope and change.

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France May Soon Prohibit “Conversion Therapies”

France could ban

France might be on the brink of a significant advancement in LGBTQ safeguards.

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Canada: Edmonton Banned “Conversion Therapy”

Edmonton conversion therapy ban.

So far, the city of Edmonton, Canada, had no “conversion therapy” ban. The goal was therefore to get a favorable vote to improve the protection of LGBTQ youth, especially since Vancouver passed a similar law in 2018. It was also an opportunity to advance rights for our community.

However, no complaints have ever been filed as a result of “conversion therapy” or attempts to “change” a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. So was Edmonton City Council still going to agree to look into the matter?

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Germany Is On Track To Ban “Conversion Therapies”

germany conversion therapy ban

A few months ago, you learned that Germany had introduced legislation to ban “conversion therapies” to protect LGBTQ people.

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France Passed Law To Protect LGBTQ People From “Conversion Therapy”

France now bans so-called conversion therapy.

On January 25, France joined a growing number of countries that have a law that bans so-called "conversion therapies" and authorizes jail time for practitioners.

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Facebook And Instagram To Ban The Promotion Of “Conversion Therapies”

Facebook and Instagram ban conversion therapy promotion on their platforms.

Facebook will take action to ban the promotion of “conversion therapies” on its social media platform and Instagram.

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Duluth, Minnesota Approves A “Conversion Therapies” Ban


There are some super positive things going on in Minnesota and it feels good at the end of the year, especially as we’re going to be tipping into the presidential elections in 2020 that’ll probably be much less fun.

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Five Pro-LGBTQ Bills Move Forward In Virginia

Virginia five pro lgbtq bills

The Democratic Party regained the majority of both houses in Virginia in the 2019 election. A few days ago, five pro-LGBTQ bills were introduced to the legislators.

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A Bill To Ban “Conversion Therapies” Has Been Introduced In Indiana

Bill to ban

The General Assembly had retooled the bill to ban "conversion therapies" in 2019, but now it is back.

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