Minneapolis Becomes The First City In Minnesota To Ban “Conversion Therapies”!


A few days ago I was telling you about Edmonton, Canada, whose city council has approved a “conversion therapy” ban. Today, let’s talk about Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the city has agreed to protect LGBTQ youth.

“We have a moral obligation to step up where partisan politics at higher levels of government have failed our kids,” Council member and co-author of the ordinance, Phillipe Cunningham, in a statement.

At first, I wasn’t sure how it was going to go because a bill was recently introduced in the state, but it was defeated in the Senate. So were the Minneapolis city councilors going to do the same thing? At the same time, nothing’s impossible at the local level, right?

But another obstacle unexpectedly arose. Christian group Liberty Counsel tried to push for the ordinance not to pass and it has already succeeded in overturning a similar law in Tampa.

Fortunately, they completely failed in Minneapolis! The city council unanimously approved the “conversion therapies” ban for minors!

“In Minneapolis, we aren’t afraid to take on challenges when they’ve stalled elsewhere,” Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said. “I wholeheartedly support the excellent leadership of Council Vice President Jenkins and Councilman Cunningham [both authors of the ordinance] on behalf of our LGBTQ community, and this ordinance represents another strong step.”

Minneapolis became the first city to ban the practice in Minnesota. The idea is to inspire other cities and even states to do the same.

“Conversion therapy, which is actually conversion abuse, is a blight on our country. It is tantamount to torture,” Cunningham added. “I believe that we should continue to push for this change at a state level. But also believe that where there is an opportunity for us to save lives, we must.”

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Monday, 24 June 2024