Will Danica Roem Become The First Transgender Woman To Be Re-Elected?

danica roem

In 2017, Danica Roem became the first transgender woman to serve in a legislature, the Virginia one, and guess what? She’s running for office again!

Passionate about her position and political commitment, Danica would like to be re-elected. She has therefore embarked on a new campaign more determined than ever. And it will require some determination as she faces her opponent’s tasteless politics. Indeed, Republican Kelly McGinn recently released a transphobic ad funded by Virginia’s anti-LGBTQ organization Family Foundation Action.

McGinn has long opposed equality for LGBTQ people, as the LGBTQ Victory Fund points out, but throughout her campaign, she has tried to position herself as more moderate. Keep in mind:

  • she actively worked to block marriage equality in Virginia–signing a letter comparing it to slavery
  • she opposes discriminatory laws against LGBT people in Virginia
  • she advocated against the Equal Rights Amendment
  • she has called LGBTQ adoption a “social experiment on our children”

Lesbian President & CEO of LGBTQ Victory Fund Annise Parker said:

"Throughout this campaign, Kelly McGinn was careful to hide from voters her years of advocacy for anti-LGBTQ and anti-women causes.”

“But with desperation kicking in less than a week before Election Day, McGinn is abandoning a debate on how to best serve Virginians and is instead attempting to weaponize bigotry for her own political gain.

“McGinn is Virginia’s Donald Trump: willing to use divisiveness to create fractures in her community so she can advance her own self-interests.

“Meanwhile, Danica refused to use personal attacks and is instead running on the issues that will best improve her constituents’ lives. These attacks will backfire.”

Danica Roem takes a beating in this transphobic ad, but this ad highlights the discrimination and hate experienced by LGBTQ+ women.

Nevertheless, Danica has not stooped to doing the same and is focusing on what matters to her, continuing to improve her constituents’ lives.

The Democratic Party trusts her and I think it is a great message to send to young transgender women as we celebrate the Trans Awareness Month.

Elections will be held tomorrow, Tuesday. Good luck Danica! If she wins, she would become the first transgender legislator to be re-elected.

(And I just heard the good news as I’m finishing this post, she made it; she was re-elected! I’m so happy! Well done Danica!)

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