LGBTQ Families Are About To Be Further Discriminated Against

lgbtq families

We can now see the first signs of aggravation of discriminating laws against the LGBTQ community, and more particularly against families.

Where will the Trump administration stop in its race towards ever greater inequality?

Yet another disturbing law has been introduced that would allow discrimination on religious grounds against same-sex parents who wish to adopt children.

This is worrying and boring, but on the eve of new presidential elections, sadly, it is far from being surprising.

The strategy is still the same in Trump’s camp: to rally the fanatics, the anti-LGBTQ’s, by introducing a new discriminatory law against our community.

Thus a new rule would protect foster care and adoption agencies from legal action if they discriminate against LGBTQ families. There would be religion-based immunity.

This will also ensure that these organizations can continue to receive federal funding despite their discriminatory behavior.

The new rule published by the Department of Health and Human Services would overturn the anti-discrimination policy based on sexual orientation and gender identity introduced by the Obama administration in 2016.

Also, because that’s not all, LGBTQ people may be discriminated against by other HHS programs receiving federal funding, including those that help homeless youth.

The electorate is satisfied and Trump will receive their votes. It is always the same tactic year after year, leading the United States towards more hatred.

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Wednesday, 19 June 2024