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“Paper Girls”: A New Series With Two Lesbian Main Characters

Paper Girls season 1 is now on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Studios has just launched a brand new teen sci-fi drama series called “Paper Girls.” The show is set in the 1980s and follows a group of teenage girls who end up in the future. While the show is like “Stranger Things” in many ways, it also has its own unique strengths. The show has been praised for its strong female characters and its depiction of teenage girl friendships. It also features a diverse cast, including several queer characters, as you are about to see below.

What “Paper Girls” Is All About?

“Paper Girls” is a television adaptation of a six-volume graphic novel published between 2016 and 2020 by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang.

It was in 1988 in Cleveland, Ohio, and Erin had just started her new job as a papergirl. On her first day, she was confronted by a difficult and racist customer. That’s when she met Tiffany, a papergirl too, who didn’t hesitate to defend her. The two girls quickly became friends. Soon after, they met Mac and KJ, also papergirls. The four of them quickly became inseparable. They would spend their days riding their bikes around town, delivering newspapers, and getting into all sorts of mischief.

All was going well until the girls played a harmless prank to teach a lesson to two thugs who had allegedly threatened KJ. But things quickly went wrong when the girls were suddenly caught in the middle of a war between two groups of time-travelers. Mac reached for her gun to protect herself but accidentally shot Erin in the stomach. Erin is seriously wounded. Then two time-travelers place strange insects on her wound.

The four girls find themselves in 2019, at first unsure of how they got there. They quickly realize that the bugs on Erin’s body have healed her wound and sent them in the future.

That’s how Erin and her friends are about to embark on the greatest adventure of their lives. Along the way, they’ll discover that even the simplest choices have consequences, both good and bad. Each choice can change the course of their lives in ways they could never have imagined.

The trailer is full of funny moments too. We see them meeting their future selves, for example, and as you can imagine, this leads to some hilariously awkward moments.

Meet The Girls Of “Paper Girls”

As you will soon discover, each character brings her own personality to the group. Thus, the group dynamic is always changing and keeping things interesting.

Erin, The New Paper Girl In Town

Erin Tieng.

Erin Tieng (Riley Lai Nelet) is the kind of person who always sees the glass as half full. Despite facing difficulties in her life, she remains optimistic and takes on whatever responsibility comes her way. Her father passed away when she was young, so Erin has had to step up and take care of her mother and sister, Missy.

Even though she's shy, Erin has become more independent because of everything she's been through. She's a natural leader, and this is especially evident when she talks to her future self. Throughout everything, Erin remains positive and strong-willed, making her an admirable person.

Riley Lai Nelet's ability to handle the ups and downs of adolescence with grace and humor makes her character, Erin, someone we can all root for. Whether she's helping her friends learn about tampons or dealing with her own issues, Nelet always takes us along Erin's journey filled with equal parts confidence and naivety.

Tiffany's Story: A Black Girl's Journey Of Self-Discovery

Tiffany Quilkin.

At first glance, Tiffany Quilkin (Camryn Jones) may seem a little cold, but in reality, she is one of the warmest and most caring people you will ever meet.

She is a strong-minded black girl who dreams of going to MIT and becoming valedictorian. But her world is turned upside down when she meets her future version, a college dropout DJ whose apartment leaves much to be desired.

Her conversations with her future self are an eye-opener for Tiffany as she slowly begins to realize the institutional racism that exists in the country.

Despite this, Tiffany maintains courage and hope for the future. She is determined to change her future, which may not be quite set yet. Tiffany is an inspiring young woman who teaches us that it is never too late to dream.

Mac Is The Most Accomplished Heroine Of "PaperGirls"

Mac Coyle.

Mac Coyle (Sofia Rosinsky) is the lesbian tomboy of "Paper Girls" and a tough-talking punk wannabe who aspires to be like Jane Lane, a cartoon character in the animated series "Daria," whom she looks just like.

Rachel Rosinsky's performance as Mac is one of the best things about the show. When the show first started, Mac was a tough, street-wise girl who didn't take anything from anyone. She was also incredibly closed off and didn't let anyone get close to her. However, over the course of the season, Mac slowly starts to open up and becomes more vulnerable. For the first time in her life, she has friends who care about her and whom she can count on.

This could have easily been a clichéd "tough-girl-gets-soft story," but thanks to Rachel Rosinsky's incredible performance, the trap is avoided. Rosinsky plays Mac perfectly, with just the right amount of humor and attitude. By the end of the season, Mac is the most well-rounded and accomplished heroine in the show. It's a shame she won't get to meet her future self, but that's just one of the many twists that make this show so great.

KJ's Journey On Exploring Her Sexuality

KJ Brandman.

KJ Brandman (Fina Strazza) is a rich kid who struggles with self-confidence. Naturally reserved, she has always felt a bit like an outsider. She knows she's richer than everyone else and that has always made her feel uncomfortable, especially around Mac.

On the other hand, KJ is just beginning to discover herself. She can only accept her homosexuality, which she is just beginning to address as a teenager when she observes her future version. Indeed, Adult KJ is a happy and comfortable lesbian.

KJ's sudden realization that she is both trapped in the present by the kind of social expectations that would force her to remain closeted and aware of the freedom of her future self is a pivotal moment in her journey of self-discovery. This moment completely changes her perspective, and she begins to understand herself in a whole new way.

Seeing a future version gives KJ the courage to start exploring her sexuality. While it is not an easy journey, she finally learns to accept herself for who she is and becomes a happier and more confident person.

And this is perfectly portrayed by Fina Strazza. The actress is able to capture the post-coming-out state of a teen girl.

KJ's journey will resonate with many of you, and Strazza's performance is a major reason why.

Note that in season 1, you can follow the beginnings of the relationship between Mac and KJ. Just know they are an official couple in the comic book on which the series is based.

Meet The Main Cast Of “Paper Girls”

The cast of “Paper Girls” is mostly composed of young actresses who are relatively unknown to the public. While this may be the first time that these ladies have taken on such prominent roles, they all show great promise and have already demonstrated their talent in a range of supporting roles.

Thus, Riley Lai Nelet (Genera+ion) was chosen to play the lead role of Erin alongside her co-stars Sofia Rosinsky (Fast Layne), Camryn Jones (Cherish The Day), and Fina Strazza (Above The Shadows), who respectively play the roles of Mac, Tiffany, and KJ.

In addition, Ali Wong, Sekai Abeni, Jessica Van, and Delia Cunningham have been cast as the adult versions of the characters.

Watch The Trailer Of “Paper Girls”

The trailer for Amazon’s upcoming series “Paper Girls” offers a more complete look at the premise of the story. Besides the adult versions of the girls, the trailer features other strange phenomena. We see time travelers in white armor chasing the girls through a forest with laser guns and what appear to be purple robotic fireflies swarming on Erin’s injured abdomen. All of this raises a lot of questions about what’s going on in the series, but one thing is for sure: the series is shaping up to be a pretty crazy adventure. See for yourself:

Watch “Paper Girls” On Amazon Prime Video

The show is eight episodes long and are available on Amazon Prime Video. If you’re looking for something new to watch, “Paper Girls” is definitely worth checking out.

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