The “Rebelde” Reboot Is Finally Back For A Second Season!

Rebelde season 2.

The second season of the “Rebelde” reboot is finally here, and fans could not be more excited!

“Rebelde” was one of the most popular Mexican shows in the 2000s. Its soundtrack was also a huge success, with several chart-topping singles. “Rebelde” also helped launch the careers of many young actors and actresses.

With the reboot of “Rebelde,” which premiered on Netflix on January 5 and is directed by Santiago Limon, fans were introduced to a new generation of students attending the Elite Way School (EWS). The first eight episodes gave viewers a taste of the new characters’ personal stories, romantic relationships, and friendships. Now, in season 2, we are going to see the characters grow and change even more.

What’s In Store For “Rebelde” Season 2?

The students are back at the Elite Way School, and many changes await them. In the new trailer below, you’ll see that “Rebelde” season 2 will be full of surprises.

A New Music Director

New music director Gus Bauman.

The music department has been going through some changes lately. A new music director, Gus Bauman, has been hired and is determined to bring the program to life in the present. His plan for this semester is to have the students compete as soloists. In the end, one student will have the chance to record an EP, thus launching their musical career.

A New Student

Okane played by Joel Isaac Figueroa aka Saak in RBD season 2.

In the trailer for the second season, you are also introduced to Okane, a new student who was sent to the EWS as a reformer. If the trailer is anything to go by, Okane is not afraid to ruffle feathers and make noise. It will be interesting to see how he interacts with the other students, especially given the already tumultuous relationships between them.

The role of Okane is played by Joel Isaac Figueroa aka Saak. Saak is a singer, influencer, and YouTuber who is best known for his participation in the group Los Caballeros alongside Juanpa Zurita, Sebastián Villalobos, Mario Bautista.

A New Intern

New intern Ilse.

There’s also a new intern in the office, Ilse (Mariane Cartas).

Jana And Esteban

Season 2 finds Jana and Esteban secretly longing for each other, but unwilling to express their true emotions. To complicate matters further, they both enter into relationships with other people in order to provoke jealousy in their ex-partners.

As For Andi And Emilia (spoiler)

Andi And Emilia in Rebelde season 2.

The second season picks up shortly after the events of the first season finale, with Emília and Andi finally becoming an out couple. However, their relationship will be put to the test very quickly when Emilia steals Andi’s song. And even though the two girls will break up, it’s not necessarily the end of their story. It is more than obvious that they still love each other, and in the last episode of season 2, the only obstacle that stands between them is the expiration of Emília’s visa. But the season two finale suggests that Celina Ferrer’s return as EWS director may help Emilia find a way to stay in Mexico. Especially since Luka becomes a student again, freeing up the office intern position at the school. Incidentally, the final scenes of season 2 show Emília in discussion with Celina, which increases the likelihood that she will stay at EWS.

Watch The Trailer For “Rebelde” Season 2

Here’s the trailer for “Rebelde” reboot season 2. Note that there is no version in English or with English subtitles. So, simply turn on the subtitles, then in Settings/subtitles, choose automatic translation. This way, you can still follow along with the story. Of course, the translation won’t be perfect, but it’s better than nothing.

The Cast Of Season 1 Is Back

Cast members of the second season of Rebelde.

The cast members you discovered in the first season, including the sapphic couple Andi and Emilia, are back for the second season.

The cast includes:

  • Lizethe Lezene as Andi
  • Jerónimo Cantillo as Dixon
  • Andrea Chaparro as MJ
  • Franco Masini as Luka
  • Sergio Mayer Mori as Esteban
  • Azul Guaita as Jana
  • Alejandro Puente as Sebastián
  • Giovanna Grigio as Emília

Release Date: “Rebelde” Season 2 Is Now Available!

The first season of the “Rebelde” reboot was released earlier this year. The eigh episodes of season 2 are now available on Netflix, and are just as good as the first ones. As always, the music is one of the highlights of the show, and you will be happy to know that there are plenty of catchy tunes to enjoy in season 2. So if you’re looking for a fun and heartwarming show to watch, be sure to check out “Rebelde.”

Crank Up The Volume!

And as there’s nothing quite like music to get you in the mood. So crank up the volume!

Will There Be A Season 3?

As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding the renewal of "Rebelde" for a third season. However, we will keep you updated as soon as any information becomes available. So stay tuned to our page for all the latest updates on the show.

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