Thursday, 06 August 2020 21:19

The Greatest Lesbian Reality TV Series Of All Time

You're a lesbian, right? And you love reality TV, right? Well then have we got the perfect blog post for you!

The cast of lesbian reality TV series "Tampa Baes".

Tampa Baes - New Lesbian Reality TV Series Follows 8 Young Ladies In Tampa Bay

"Tampa Baes" is a new lesbian reality TV series that follows eight lesbians in Tampa Bay. The show will premiere this Fall on Amazon and stars an exciting cast of characters with diverse backgrounds, ages, occupations - each bringing their own unique perspectives to the screen.

Welcome to Tampa Bay, where you'll find the best nightlife and lesbian girls in town >>


Sometimes, it can be hard to find shows that are inclusive of all types of LGBTQ+ women and their experiences, but thankfully there are shows that stand out from the rest for me - The Real Life Stories Of LGBTQ+ Women! These documentary series capture diverse stories about real life lesbians living in the world today with an emphasis on intersectional identities including race, disability status, religion, and more. It's so refreshing to see these compelling narratives being shared with the world.

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