Lesbian Reality Series Tampa Baes Available On Amazon Prime Video

A young group of dynamic lesbian and loyal friends from Tampa Bay to be highlighted in eight-episode docuseries Tampa Baes.

Are you ready to experience a new lesbian reality TV show like never before? Look no further than "Tampa Baes," the thrilling new series that is sure to keep you engaged and on the edge of your seat.

This gritty drama follows a group of powerful lesbian women as they navigate their careers and personal lives in the bustling city of Tampa, Florida. With dynamic characters, unexpected plot twists, and an all-star cast of talented performers, "Tampa Baes" promises to be the hottest new show on the scene. Whether you're a reality TV fan or just love a good story, this series is not one to miss. Be sure to check out the official trailer and find out where you can catch all of the action when the show debuts- you won't regret it!

Shining A Light On Lesbian Lives In Florida

"Tampa Baes," produced by Haley Grable and Brianna Murphy, offers a candid and authentic glimpse into the lives of lesbians residing in Florida. The series invites you to embark on a journey with two remarkable women and their friends, a group of twelve individuals in their 20s-30s, as they traverse the highs and lows of relationships, careers, and life's many twists. With eight unscripted episodes, "Tampa Baes" is a rollercoaster of emotions, packed with dating adventures, intense rivalries, heartwarming friendships, captivating love stories, and a generous dose of drama.

“Each person is at a pivotal moment in their lives,” co-executive producer Paul O’Malley said. “Whether it’s relationship stuff — getting married, getting engaged — or what it’s like being young and trying to find yourselves.”

“I’m part of the community, and just hearing some of the ways the girls talk about how they came out was very different from when I came out,” O’Malley added. “I think people will see themselves in some of these girls ... some people still haven’t been come out to family members.”

Authenticity vs. Diversity

During an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, Melissa Bidwell and Paul O'Malley, the executive producers of Tampa Beas, responded to concerns about diversity.

They explained that they aimed to capture the genuine voice of a preexisting group of diverse friends, and incorporated as many of their friends as possible within the timeframe of filming. Although they acknowledge that not every TV show can achieve perfect diversity, they are proud of the diversity behind the camera, including producers, editors, and PAs who identify with the stories they are editing.

“We tried to incorporate as much as we could of their friends that would fit into the time frame of filming,” Melissa Bidwell said.

O’Malley added: “Not every show in the history of TV can nail it all. We always strive for that, but ultimately we’re working with a preexisting group of friends that we feel are very diverse and bring a lot to the table and that are authentically themselves.

“We’re really proud of the diversity of producers, editors, PAs ... people who are editing stories that they identify with," he said. "So there are a lot of things behind the camera that we’re really proud of that people don’t know about.”

Furthermore, the cast includes several biracial women, some of whom are of Iranian and Native American descent, and their unique cultures will be explored in the show.

“We’re really proud of these girls that were willing to kind of open up about their backgrounds and how they feel on top of being a lesbian, a woman of color,” O’Malley said.

Meet The Cast Of "Tampa Baes"!

The "Tampa Baes" cast is comprised of twelve women, all proudly identifying as lesbians. Among these individuals are Haley Grable, Brianna Murphy, Ali Myers, Cuppie Bragg, Marissa Gialousis, Sarah “Mack” McKenzie, Nelly Ramirez, Olivia Mullins, Jordan Whitley, Summer Mitchell, Shiva Pishdad, and Melanie Posner. These dynamic women bring their unique backgrounds and experiences to the show, forming a diverse and vibrant ensemble.

Haley Grable and Brianna Murphy

As the show's narrative unfolds, you are introduced to the intriguing journey of Haley Grable. At 18, she found herself estranged from her family and embarked on a new chapter in Tampa. It was there that her path intersected with that of her girlfriend, Brianna Murphy. Now, at 29, both Haley and Brianna have evolved into entrepreneurial spirits, their creative energies culminating in the conception of the concept for this groundbreaking lesbian reality show.

Cuppie Bragg.

Cuppie Bragg

At 26, Cuppie Bragg is pursuing a career as a nurse practitioner with aspirations of becoming a traveling nurse. Alongside her medical ambitions, she's also an enterprising individual who has introduced her own fitness program called Cupfit.

Marissa Gialousis and Summer.

Marissa Gialousis and Summer Mitchell

Marissa Gialousis, 31, and Summer Mitchell, 29, have shared a loving relationship for four years. Marissa, with Greek heritage, contributes her skills as a registered nurse to an anti-COVID unit. Meanwhile, Summer, originally from Jacksonville, recently made the move to Tampa to be with Marissa.

Nelly and Ali.

Nelly Ramirez and Ali Myers

In addition, Nelly Ramirez, 24, and Ali Myers, 29, form another couple. Nelly, originally from the Dominican Republic, is an accomplished makeup artist with a background in health and beauty. Ali, hailing from Houston, Texas, relocated to Tampa Bay to be with Nelly and currently holds a sales and marketing position with a real estate company.


Sarah “Mack” McKenzie

At 27, Sarah "Mack" McKenzie is a passionate art enthusiast, championing local musicians and artists. And to the ladies out there, take note: she's on the lookout for love!


Olivia Mullins

For the past few years, Olivia Mullins, 24, has been happily employed as a bartender at The Handy Liquor Bar.


Jordan Whitley

At 27, Jordan Whitley has her sights set on becoming a traveling nurse. She's also a dedicated advocate against racism, passionately supporting the Black Lives Matter movement due to her own experiences overcoming discrimination.

Shiva Pishdad.

Shiva Pishdad

Hailing from Tampa, Shiva Pishdad is a 27-year-old Iranian woman with a career as a business analyst.

Melanie Posner.

Melanie Posner

Aged 28, Melanie Posner is a skilled fine artist and muralist known for crafting bespoke murals, logos, signs, and paintings catering to brands and businesses.

Watch The Official Trailer

Take a look at the Tampa Baes trailer below!

Release Date & Where To Watch "Tampa Baes" Season 1

Since November 5, 2021, the first season of this fresh lesbian reality show has been accessible on Prime Video.

Will There Be A Season 2?

No, unfortunately, Amazon has decided not to renew the series for a second season.

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