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Wynonna Earp: Get Ready For The Most Badass Heroine Ever On TV

Wynonna Earp is the new show on SyFy that will have you yelling "holy shit" at your TV. This show has it all! Action, adventure, romance...and a kickass heroine who can handle anything life throws at her with ease.

Wynnona Earp season 5.

Will Wynonna Earp Have A Season 5?

Fans of the show Wynonna Earp are wondering if there will be a Season 5 and if there'll be more episodes.

This post will explore what we know so far about the future of the series >>

Will Wynonna Earp get a season 5?

What Were The Storylines For Wynonna Earp Season 5?

The most recent season of Wynonna Earp aired in March and fans are already looking forward to next year. The show will end after four seasons.

See what was coming up next from Waverly Earp and the gang! >>


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