What Were The Storylines For Wynonna Earp Season 5?

The storylines for Wynnona Earp season 5 planned by showrunner Emily Andras.

Brace yourself, Earpers! The rollercoaster ride of "Wynonna Earp" might not be over yet.

The recent finale of "Wynonna Earp" season 4 has left us wondering about the show's future. Unfortunately, Syfy has not renewed the series for a fifth season, but Emily Andras, the showrunner, is not losing hope and is actively seeking a new platform to keep the show alive. While she searches, Andras has given fans a glimpse into her exciting and mysterious ideas for a potential fifth season.

So What Could Happen In "Wynonna Earp" Season 5?

Although the show's cancellation has occurred, Emily Andras recently discussed some of the unexplored season 5 storylines in an interview with Deadline. While these insights remain somewhat vague, intriguing possibilities emerge.

  • Vampire Vengeance And Uncertainties

For instance, the status of Wynonna's connection with being a demon hunter and the gun raises questions. Additionally, Doc Holliday's transformation from vampire back to human leaves uncertainties about the legitimacy of the process.

Emily Andras hints at potential complications, as vampires tend to be vengeful and might not approve of Doc's actions.

“Vampires are a very famously vengeful bunch,” Andras explains. “I’m not sure they’re going to love the way he went about this.”

So this opens the door for a potential revenge narrative to unfold.

Wynonna Earp and Doc Holliday in season 5.

  • A Journey To Miracles

Conversely, in the season 4 finale, Wynonna openly declared her love for Doc, leading them on a journey to visit their baby Alice in Miracles, Montana. Anticipate their path being crossed by fresh adversaries as they embark on this journey. Furthermore, there's the potential to delve into their challenges as parents, offering a glimpse into their parenting journey.

  • The Angel's Shield: Nicole's Crucial Role

Regarding Nicole Haught, she has taken on the role of the Angel's Shield, which confines her within the bounds of the Ghost River Triangle.

“What does that look like? Are there supernatural abilities affiliated with that, or is she just a mortal who literally can’t leave this prison?” wonders Andras.

  • Kate And Eve's Potential Comeback

The potential return of Kate and Eve introduces uncertainty, possibly leading them to pursue Waverly.

Possibility Of Movie Adaptation

Essentially, a plethora of unanswered questions and narrative threads remain, hinting at abundant storytelling potential. Even if the series were to wrap up, the story could extend its journey through a movie adaptation.

Emily Andras, the show's creator, can foresee the prospect of a Wynonna Earp movie in 5 or 10 years.

"There’s always more story, especially in a show like 'Wynonna Earp.' There’s always another demon hiding under the bed, and I’m confident there's a million different ways to continue telling those stories," she said. "If we do a movie 5 or 10 years from now, see where people are at, I would love to do something like that."

Fans' Dream: A Spin-off Series For Waverly And Nicole

Maybe there will be a spin-off series on WayHaught.

Additionally, a spin-off series remains a potential avenue, with one idea focusing on Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught as they navigate their new life chapter.

Which Storyline Has You Most Excited?

As we delve into the potential storylines for "Wynonna Earp" season 5, the excitement and intrigue are palpable. Emily Andras, the brilliant showrunner, has given us a tantalizing glimpse into the uncharted territories of Wynonna's demon-hunting journey, Doc Holliday's mysterious transformation, and the challenges of Wynonna and Doc's newfound parenthood.

Nicole Haught's role as the Angel's Shield promises to add depth to her character, while the possible return of Kate and Eve introduces fresh uncertainties.

And don't forget, the prospect of a Wynonna Earp movie or a spin-off series featuring the beloved WayHaught is something we can still dream about. The Wynonna Earp universe is brimming with untold stories waiting to be explored.

What storyline are you most excited about? Share your thoughts in the comments below and join the Earper community in speculating about the future of this beloved series.

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