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Everything You Need To Know About LGBTQ Rights In California

 LGBTQ rights in California.

California has been a trendsetter in the LGBTQ rights movement. Some of the most progressive policies for LGBTQ individuals can be found in the California law and there are some pretty cool things happening right now that you should know about.

  • Kristin Crowley Becomes LAFD's First Female Leader!

Kristin Crowley was recently appointed fire chief of the prestigious Los Angeles Fire Department. She is the first-ever woman and openly gay person to hold this position, and many have hailed her appointment as a triumph for diversity and equality in the firefighting community.

But Crowley's accomplishment does not stop there. Her work in the LAFD predates this important promotion, having played an integral role in developing their youth development program. Thanks to her ingenuity, countless young people have been able to learn about fire safety and prevention from some of the highest ranking firefighters in the field. Crowley proved that she was more than capable of excelling at every task assigned to her, soon earning the title of chief deputy and breaking yet another set of glass ceilings in the LAFD.

Now, as fire chief, she will be faced with many challenges, both political and practical. However, based on her record of perseverance and dedication to public service, there is no doubt that Crowley is up to the task. Congrats to this amazing woman on her well-deserved success!

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  • Justice Laurie Earl Makes History By Joining The 3rd District Court of Appeal

When Laurie Earl was sworn in as a judge for California's 3rd District Court of Appeal, she was only the fifth openly LGBTQ person ever to serve on that level of court. Earl was appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom last November to fill a vacancy left by Justice M. Kathleen Butz. Given her previous record of fighting for equal rights and social justice, Earl clearly rose above all the other candidates and earned this prestigious appointment.

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  • Lisa Middleton Became The First Transgender Mayor Of Palm Springs, CA!

Lisa Middleton made history on December 8, 2021 when she was sworn in as Palm Spring's mayor, becoming the third transgender mayor in U.S. history and the first one in California. Middleton also made history in November 2017 when she became the first transgender person elected to Palm Springs City Council. She replaces outgoing mayor Christy Holstege, who herself is the first openly bisexual mayor of Palm Springs. Middleton will be running for state senate in 2022. With her election to council and now mayor, Middleton has broken down barriers and shown that transgender people can succeed in politics. Her election is a victory not just for the transgender community, but for all marginalized communities who are fighting for representation.

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  • California To Expand State-Funded Travel Ban To Five New States

California Assemblyman Evan Low announced that taxpayers will no longer fund state-sponsored travel to five additional states with recently passed discriminatory legislation based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

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California is on the front lines of LGBTQ activism. In California, you can enjoy many progressive policies while being a part of history as they reject discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and promote equality. What about Michigan? Is it also following suit with pro-LGBTQ legislation or activism?

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