Friday, 17 July 2020 19:13

LGBTQ Rights In California

California has been a trendsetter in the LGBTQ rights movement. Some of the most progressive policies for LGBTQ individuals can be found in California and there are some pretty cool things happening right now that you should know about.

California law that bans anti-LGBTQ state travels.

California To Expand State-Funded Travel Ban To Five New States

California Assemblyman Evan Low announced that taxpayers will no longer fund state-sponsored travel to five additional states with recently passed discriminatory legislation against the LGBTQ community.

See the latest changes from California with regards to travel restrictions on certain states >>


California is on the front lines of LGBTQ activism. In California, you can enjoy many progressive policies while being a part of history as they reject discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and promote equality. What about Michigan? Is it also following suit with pro-LGBTQ legislation or activism?

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