New Movie “Mars One” Captures The Courage, Hope, And Dreams Of A Family

Marte Um (Mars One) by Gabriel Martins premieres at Sundance Film Festival.

In "Mars One," Director Gabriel Martins skillfully portrays a family's courage, hope, and growth. The film embraces human connection, optimism, and features a sapphic couple. Here's all you need to know about "Mars One."

The Plot

“Mars One” (original title Marte Um) is the story of a family like so many others around the world.

The Martins are a loving, hardworking family that lives in a major Brazilian city. The parents have been trying for years to give their children the best life possible. They love them unconditionally and hope that one day they will climb up position on society’s ladder.

The Martins family is portrayed in Marte Um (Mars One) movie.

For Wellington (Carlos Francisco), the father, his bond with his son Deivinho (Cícero Lucas) is evident in the way he supports his son's talents and dreams. Working as a building superintendent, Wellington has always been determined to give his son the best opportunities possible.

So when Deivinho showed an early interest in soccer, Wellington did everything he could to encourage his son's passion. He takes pride in his son's accomplishments and is grateful for the role he has played in helping him chase his dreams.


Tercia (Rejane Faria), the mother, works as a housekeeper and takes care of her home. She is a hardworking woman who is always looking for new ways to improve her family's life.

Eunice (Camilla Damiao) is their daughter and the apple of their eye, but Eunice is a young woman who is eager to forge her own path in life. She has big dreams and high hopes for her future, and she is particularly excited about her relationship with Joana (Ana Hilario). Eunice views Joana as her ticket to independence, and she is deeply invested in the relationship.

Why the movie is titled “Mars One”?

The title refers to a mission to Mars, the planet, that was launched in 2011 by a Dutch organization and planned on settling humans on Mars.

In the movie, it seems like every member of this family is dreaming about space, especially children.

Deivinho Martins.

Deivinho hides his passion for astronomy and continues playing soccer so as not to disappoint the hopes that had been placed on him by his father.

Eunice Martins and her girlfriend Joana.

On her side, Eunice hides at first her lesbian identity and the fact that she is in a relationship with Joana. She also has a dream of space - not just any ordinary kind but HER personal space.

“Mars One” film premieres at Sundance Film Festival

The film was a resounding success at the 44th Annual Sundance Film Festival, where it premiered on January 20, 2022.

Where to watch

Marte Um (Mars One) was acquired by Magnolia Pictures, a distribution company, so it’s just a matter of time before there are more opportunities to watch the movie.


Gabriel Martins’ “Mars One” is an authentic and poignant movie that tells the story of a family struggling to maintain its integrity amidst difficult circumstances. The film does an amazing job of realistically capturing the daily life of each character. The audience can easily connect with them and their struggles, as they are believable. The emotions that these people feel when faced with difficult situations are also well portrayed, which makes this film an emotional experience for all those watching.

“Mars One” is an interesting story for anyone who enjoys films that explore human relationships with unflinching honesty. This intimate glimpse into a family makes it so compelling and endearing to see what these people are really like on the inside, as well as how they interact together in such unique circumstances.

The relationship between Eunice and Joana is a sweet surprise that accompanies us throughout the film.

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