“Matcha & Vanilla” Movie Tells A Beautiful And Touching Lesbian Story

Introducing Matcha and Vanilla film.

"Matcha & Vanilla" is a story about two women fighting for their relationship against all odds. It is a beautiful story that illustrates the power of love in an extremely poignant way that will move you.

A Beautiful Love Story

Lead actresses portraying Ai and Yuki in Matcha And Vanilla movie.

Ai (Qyoko Kudo) and Yuki (Tomoko Hayakawa) are a lesbian couple living in conservative Japan. When the film opens, we see both women meeting for the first time, before the scene jumps ten years into the future. During that time, they've grown closer as a couple and come to understand each other in a way that only true lovers can. When one of them is diagnosed with terminal cancer, the two women must fight to stay together. Despite the odds, they remain committed to each other until the very end.

Watch The Trailer Now!

If you're looking for a new lesbian movie to watch, check out the trailer for "Matcha & Vanilla" below! You'll see that this is a heartwarming and moving romantic movie that is sure to please anyone who loves a good love story. So if you're in the mood for a sapphic romance, be sure to check out this new film!

A Story That Will Melt Your Heart

Long-term lesbian couple fights terminal cancer in conservative Japan.

"Matcha & Vanilla" is a beautiful and tragic story about the power of love in the face of death. It is also a movie with a noble intention: to address LGBTQ rights and human rights in Japan.

One of the things that I love most about "Matcha & Vanilla" is the amazing relationship between the two main actresses. The chemistry between both lead actresses, Qyoko Kudo and Tomoko Hayakawa, is absolutely captivating, and they have an obvious care for one another that shines through in their scenes together. What's even more impressive is that both actresses actually wrote their own dialogue, and it really adds to the poignancy of the film. The love between the two main characters is so strong and so real. It's clear that Kudo and Hayakawa put a lot of thought and effort into making the relationship between their characters as real and relatable as possible. You can feel the passion and the pain that they are experiencing.

"Matcha & Vanilla" is also an emotional rollercoaster ride from start to finish. You will come out of it feeling touched by the strength and authenticity of the characters' journey. It is a movie that will stay with you long after the credits have rolled.

Additionally, the film addresses a topic that is occasionally addressed in lesbian movies: cancer. "Matcha & Vanilla" does a great job of bringing the experience of living with cancer to the big screen in a relatable way. The protagonist's girlfriend is there for her every step of the way, providing both emotional and physical support. It's a heart-wrenching story, but ultimately one of hope and love.

Powerful Scenes, But The Editing And Soundtrack Ruin Everything

Kitchen scene.

"Matcha & Vanilla" has its strengths, but it is unfotunately let down by creative choices that detract from the overall tone and impact of this drama. The flaws of "Matcha & Vanilla" are more than obvious. The editing is choppy, and the soundtrack doesn’t add anything to the movie.

  • The Editing

The movie written and directed by Hamish Downie seems like it has been cut to make the story shorter. This gives off the feeling that it is just a sequence of scenes with no link between them. This is a real shame because the story itself is very compelling. The characters are well-developed, and the plot is intriguing. However, the choppy editing makes it difficult to follow the story and appreciate the film as a whole. It's a real shame that such a promising film was so poorly executed.

  • The Soundtrack

The soundtrack is one of the most influential aspects of any film, yet it seems as though the filmmakers behind "Matcha & Vanilla" did not put much thought into its use. The music is poorly chosen and often feels out of place, giving the impression of amateurism. It's a shame because, with a better soundtrack, the film could have been much deeper. As it stands, the poor use of music is a major distraction that takes away from the overall experience.

  • Powerful Scenes Save All

However, thanks to the talented actresses, we’re able to overlook these technicalities. The story is so powerful, and the actresses are so talented that they make up for anything lacking on screen. Overall, “Matcha & Vanilla” is an inspiring film that tackles difficult topics with grace and sensitivity. Though it falls short in some areas, it is ultimately redeemed by its heart and soul. There are some powerful scenes in the movie that save it. This is especially true at the end. I found the conclusion to be satisfying and the climax believable.

Watch “Matcha & Vanilla” On VOD

Matcha Vanilla 2021 movie poster.

“Matcha & Vanilla” was released on December 24, 2021, and you can now watch the full movie online. Take a look at GagaOOLala, a streaming platform dedicated to LGBTQ content.

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