Introducing Queer Movie "The Queen Of My Dreams" By Fawzia Mirza

Azra kissing her girlfriend in The Queen Of My Dreams by Fawzia Mirza.

"The Queen Of My Dreams," Fawzia Mirza's first feature film, explores family, identity, and cultural heritage. 

Who Is Fawzia Mirza?

Fawzia Mirza

Fawzia Mirza is a Canadian queer filmmaker and actress who has an impressive career. She played a vital role in "Signature Move" (2017) and directed well-received short films like "I Know Her," "Noor & Layla," and "Auntie."

Now, Mirza is taking us on a new journey where Bollywood fantasy blends with the challenges of coming of age between Canada and Pakistan in her first full-length feature film, "The Queen Of My Dreams." Adapted from her play "Me, My Mom & Sharmila," the movie delves into pivotal moments in the lives of a conservative mother and her queer daughter. 

What's The Plot Of "The Queen Of My Dreams"?

Amrit Kaur and Nimra Bucha (Bucha's photo by Bina Khan)

In 1999, Azra Malik's life takes a major turn. After her father, Hassan, passes away suddenly, Azra, a 22-year-old queer Muslim graduate student living in Canada, embarks on an emotional journey back to her parents' homeland, Pakistan. She returns to her family's ancestral home, where her demanding and conservative mother, Mariam, expects her to play the role of a perfect grieving daughter.

During this journey, the tensions in Azra's relationship with her mother become more evident. However, this return to Pakistan's roots opens the door to a treasure trove of memories that reveal unexpected similarities between the two women. Through flashbacks of Mariam's life in Karachi 30 years ago, we see the strong bonds that tie mother and daughter together. These bonds are sparked by their shared love for Bollywood star Sharmila Tagore. 

Who's In The Cast?

The main cast of "The Queen Of My Dreams" features:

Review: What To Expect?

Fawzia Mirza's debut feature film brims with energy. It started as a short film in 2012 and now offers a rich cinematic experience. As it unfolds, the movie skillfully blends Indian cinema with a coming-of-age story from Canada to Pakistan, exploring personal desires and cultural expectations. The actors, especially Amrit Kaur and Nimra Bucha, deliver remarkable performances that anchor the film's emotional depth. Transitioning behind the scenes, cinematographer Matt Irwin and editor Simone Smith impress with their work, ensuring the film's visuals and storytelling come together seamlessly.

With all these elements in place, "The Queen Of My Dreams" is a movie that takes you on an emotional journey, delving into family bonds, personal aspirations, and cultural pressures. It's a captivating work that shouldn't be missed.

Trailer Coming Soon

I would have loved for you to see the first glimpse of the movie in the trailer, but it has not been unveiled yet.

World Premiere At The Toronto Film Festival

The world premiere of "The Queen Of My Dreams" took place on September 8, 2023, at the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada. Stay tuned for more information about the official release date of the film and its future availability on streaming platforms. 

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