Out Director Fiona Mackenzie’s Rom-Com “Tell Me I Love You”

Get ready for a heartwarming journey of friendship, love, and music in Fiona Mackenzie's latest film "Tell Me I Love You."

Melanie “Mel”, Ally and Ben are three friends who met in university and share a house in Malibu. The trio is forming a band and dream of recording an album that would be really cool and could continue the band’s career, but they don’t have enough money to pay for the recording studio.

This is the starting point for the film “Tell Me I Love You” by queer director and writer Fiona Mackenzie (Cosa Bella).

In this romantic comedy, Ally (Paulina Cerrilla) is pressured by her family to marry her ex, her high school boyfriend, who is their ideal son-in-law.

On the other hand, Mel’s family (Kaniehtiio Horn) would also like her to get married. Mel is a lesbian and her family accepts her homosexuality, even though they would prefer that she marry a man.

One day Mel hears that she will receive money from a family trust on her wedding day. That’s $450,000, enough to record an album. The trio of friends came up with a crazy plan. Ally and Mel will both pretend they are about to marry Ben (Sam Clark) to get their families off their backs and get the money from the trust. Will it work? ...

Just know that it won’t be that easy since Mel has fallen in love with neighbor Cassie (Renee Morrison) and Ally seems jealous of Mel every time she and Ben pretend to be a couple.

Here is the trailer of “Tell Me I Love You” :

The result is a romantic comedy fun to watch. Not everything is as predictable as one might imagine at first glance. You get surprised several times, which is nice.

Tell Me I Love You” is available on VOD and DVD since June 2, 2020.

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