14+ Best Sapphic And Lesbian Couples On Television You Need To Watch

Take a journey through the most heartwarming and touching love stories on television with our ranking of the "10 best lesbian couples on television." 

These couples have made their mark on the small screen, portraying powerful, diverse, and authentic relationships that have resonated deeply with audiences worldwide. From Emily and Naomi's tender and tumultuous love story in Skins to the captivating romance between Kat and Adena in The Bold Type, LGBTQ+ representation has come a long way in modern times. As we celebrate inclusivity and progressiveness on television, let these remarkable stories of sapphic love capture your heart and remind you of the power of diversity and authenticity. Join us for an unforgettable journey through some of the most beautiful and empowering portrayals of love on television.

1. "Meena and Cherlyn" - Show Me Love:

Experience the captivating "Show Me Love" series, a heartwarming tale of love, ambition, and triumph. Witness the electrifying chemistry between queer actresses Engfa Waraha and Charlotte Austin in this highly anticipated drama series. Follow the journey of Meena, a small-town girl with big dreams, as she moves to Bangkok only to find her destiny intertwined with the Miss Grand beauty pageant and an unexpected romance. Inspired by true events from the Miss Grand Thailand 2022 beauty contest, "Show Me Love" guarantees to touch your heart with its uplifting finale. Don't miss out on this series starring Engfa Waraha and Charlotte Austin aka Englot

2. "Callie and Arizona" - Grey's Anatomy:
"Grey's Anatomy" became a trailblazer by exploring the relationship between orthopedic surgeon Callie Torres and pediatric surgeon Arizona Robbins. Their enduring love story, with all its ups and downs, touched millions of viewers.

3. "Tara and Pam" - True Blood:
The world of vampires and supernatural beings gave rise to the fiery romance between Tara Thornton and Pam De Beaufort. Their passionate bond stood out as a powerful representation of same-sex love.

4. "Cosima and Delphine" - Orphan Black:
"Orphan Black" delivered a gripping sci-fi narrative, complemented by the beautiful relationship between scientist Cosima Niehaus and French physician Delphine Cormier. Their intellectual connection and unwavering support resonated deeply with fans.

5. "Waverly and Nicole" - Wynonna Earp:
Wynonna Earp enchanted audiences with its supernatural Western storyline, accompanied by the heartwarming relationship between Waverly Earp and Sheriff Nicole Haught. Their love showcased the importance of acceptance and understanding.

6. "Clarke and Lexa" - The 100:
The complex world of "The 100" witnessed the powerful love story between Clarke Griffin and Commander Lexa. Despite the tragic outcome, their relationship made a significant impact, promoting LGBTQ+ representation in the realm of science fiction.

7. "Piper and Alex" - Orange Is the New Black:
"Orange Is the New Black" revolutionized television by exploring the lives of women in prison, including the on-again, off-again relationship between Piper Chapman and Alex Vause. Their connection, laced with both passion and vulnerability, captivated audiences.

8. "Sara and Ava" - Legends of Tomorrow:
The Arrowverse expanded its inclusivity by featuring the enchanting relationship between Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe. Their time-traveling adventures and unwavering commitment became a beacon of hope for LGBTQ+ viewers.

9. "Emily and Naomi" - Skins (UK):

This groundbreaking British series introduced us to the tender and tumultuous relationship between Emily Fitch and Naomi Campbell. Their complex journey resonated with viewers, depicting the struggles and joys faced by young LGBTQ+ individuals.

10. "Zoa and Bel" - Welcome To Eden:

The Spanish drama, "Welcome To Eden," has made waves on Netflix with its riveting plot twists and groundbreaking LGBTQ+ representation. Season 1 traced the journey of Zoa, who found herself marooned on a mysterious island ruled by the manipulative cult, Eden. As she navigated the dangers of this new world, one relationship stood out - her burgeoning romance with Bel, another guest on the island.

Season 2 sees Zoa grappling with life-altering decisions, especially when her sister arrives on the island. The tension between Zoa and Bel intensifies as they navigate their feelings in the midst of chaos.

For a deeper dive into Zoa and Bel's relationship, check out our blog post exploring the gay characters featured in "Welcome To Eden" in further detail. Discover how their narratives evolve in the second season. Don't miss out, read now!

11. "Khun Sam And Mon" - Gap, The Series:

Welcome to the world of "Gap, The Series," the latest sensation in lesbian romantic comedy that has taken the internet by storm. Based on the popular novel "GAP Yuri," the show revolves around Mon, a recent graduate, and Sam, a successful businesswoman, who fall in love after their paths cross at Sam's company. "Gap, The Series" is packed with passion and deep-seated emotions, and if you're looking to witness the most intense lesbian kissing scene you'll ever see in a web series. Check out our blog post here: Experience "Gap, The Series" and its magic hot scenes!

12. "Rebeka And Mencía" - Elite:
Discover the groundbreaking "Elite" season 4 on Netflix, featuring the captivating characters Rebeka (played by Claudia Salas) and Mencía (played by Martina Cariddi). This sapphic storyline added a fresh dynamic to the show, offering fans the representation they had been waiting for. With plot twists and turns lauded for their depth and complexity, "Elite" season 4 is a significant milestone for the portrayal of lesbian relationships in mainstream media.

13. "Luisita and Amelia" - #Luimelia:
Witness the captivating romance of Luisita and Amelia in the popular lesbian web series, "#Luimelia." Created as a spin-off from the Spanish TV network Antena 3's soap opera "Amar Es Para Siempre," "#Luimelia" follows the enthralling journey of Luisita Gómez and Amelia Ledesma as they navigate the complexities of their relationship. The series delves into the challenges and triumphs they face while relentlessly pursuing their dreams. With a perfect blend of love, drama, and personal growth, "#Luimelia" captures the intimate moments that define their connection. From its origins to its latest season, this series captivates audiences with its heartwarming and compelling portrayal of love in all its forms.

14. "Mel and Liz" - RED:

Embark on a mesmerizing adventure alongside Mel Béart and Liz Malmo in the well-loved lesbian show titled "RED." This Brazilian gem, celebrated for its distinct creative approach, clever conversations, and outstanding acting, has garnered immense online attention ever since its premiere in 2014. As we say farewell to the incredible narrative with its sixth and final season, you'll certainly not want to overlook the unforgettable conclusion that elegantly ties up all loose ends. Eager to delve into this enchanting romantic tale? Stream the RED web series online now and lose yourself in this indelible storyline. 

Television has become a powerful platform for representation, breaking down barriers and fostering inclusivity. These remarkable sapphic and lesbian couples on TV have brought LGBTQ+ stories into the mainstream, capturing hearts and inspiring viewers around the world. As we continue to celebrate diversity, let's appreciate the strides made in television and eagerly anticipate the future of LGBTQ+ representation on the small screen. 

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