Episode 1 Of “The Owl House” Season 3 Is Coming This October!

Disney Television Animation series The Owl House season 3 poster.

The third and final season of “The Owl House” will air in mid-October, and maybe you are eagerly awaiting its return. With exciting new adventures on the horizon, “The Owl House” season 3 is sure to be a magical ride from start to finish. Let’s take a closer look at what we can expect from this highly anticipated season 3 of “The Owl House.”

Disney’s “The Owl House” is a delightful and charming animated series that follows the adventures of Luz Noceda, a Dominican-American teenager who accidentally falls into the demon realm. Upon her arrival, she meets Eda, the witch, and her demonic companion, King. Luz quickly befriends them and learns witchcraft from Eda. Later, she also befriends other witches her age, including her future girlfriend, Amity. The characters are all lovable, and the story is heartwarming and exciting.

Season 3 Preview

The Owl House season 3 poster.

The season 2 finale ended on a cliffhanger, with Luz and her friends escaping from the demon realm to the human realm.

We can guess the third season will pick up several months after the events of the second season as the first images released for the new season show the characters with new hairstyles and clothes.

The synopsis for season 3 reveals that after months of trying, Luz and her friends will make a daring return to save the boiling isles from the evil Emperor Belos and the unpredictable Collector.

As for the characters, first, the whole gang will be back - Luz, Amity, Hunter (Zeno Robinson), Gus (Issac Ryan Brown), Willow (Tati Gabrielle), as well as Luz’s mom, Camila Noceda (Elizabeth Grullon), and Vee (Michaela Dietz).

Promotional posters for season 3 suggest that we may also see the evil Emperor Belos, who was turned into Jello at the end of season 2, make a return.

“The Owl House” Season 3 Release Date

“The Owl House” is returning for its third season on October 15 on Disney Channel and Disney XD at 9:00 PM ED/PT, just in time for Halloween, with a special 44-minute episode.

Unlike the previous seasons, season 3 will consist of only three 44-minute specials instead of a full season.

And after the airing of the first special episode entitled “Thanks To Them” on October 15, you’ll have to wait until January 21, 2023 to see the second episode entitled “For The Future.” There are no release date yet for the third and final episode entitled “Watching And Dreamind.”

Watch The Trailer

The released trailer for “The Owl House” season 3 offers a tantalizing glimpse of what’s coming in the new season. Hunter will have to grapple with his identity, especially concerning Emperor Belos. Meanwhile, Luz and Amity will continue to have many cute moments.

Why Was “The Owl House” Cancelled?

“The Owl House” appeared as a breath of fresh air when it launched on Disney Channel in 2020.

Created by Dana Terrace, the series quickly found its audience thanks to its engaging characters, great animation, and storytelling.

The series has been praised for its representation of LGBTQ+ characters and themes, as well as its positive and inclusive message, though Disney was initially reluctant to have LGBTQ+ main characters before giving the green light.

It is also worth noting that “The Owl House” is one of the few animated series to feature a Latino main character. Luz is an indispensable representation of the Latin American community who rarely sees themselves represented in animated series.

So it came as a shock when Disney cancelled the series after only three seasons. But why?

The Owl House bisexual creator Dana Terrace.

According to Dana Terrace (pictured above), who created the show and is openly bisexual, the decision was made because someone at Disney decided that the series no longer fit the “Disney brand.”

What does that mean?

“At the end of the day, there are a few business people who oversee what fits into the Disney brand, and one day one of those guys decided TOH didn’t fit that ‘brand,’” Dana Terrace said, speaking on a Reddit Ask Me Anything. “The story is serialized (BARELY compared to any average anime lmao), our audience skews older, and that just didn’t fit this one guy’s tastes. That’s it! Ain’t that wild? Really grinds my guts, boils my brain, kicks my shins, all the things. It sucks, but it is what it is.”

“They just wanted to be done with TOH, and this was the perfect chance to do that,” she added. “Even getting the consolation s3 episodes was difficult, apparently. Hard to say. I wasn’t allowed to be a part of any conversations until I was just… told.”

The cancellation of “The Owl House” is a real shame. The show had so much potential. It was just starting to find its feet. The characters were starting to grow and change, and the series’ world was slowly expanding. It’s disappointing. Its cancellation is a huge loss to the animation community.

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