“Fearless: The Inside Story Of The AFLW”: A Look At The Triumphs And Struggles Of Exceptional Players

Poster of docu-series 'Fearless: The Inside Story of the AFLW'.

“Fearless: The Inside Story of the AFLW” is a new documentary series that takes a close look at the lives of the stars of the Australian Women’s Football League (AFLW).

The film follows several AFLW players as they prepare for the sixth season, providing an intimate look at their lives both on and off the field.

Besides giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the AFLW, the film also highlights the importance of women’s sports in general.

With its mix of inspirational stories and hard-hitting action, “Fearless: The Inside Story of the AFLW” is sure to be a hit with fans of both sports and documentaries.

For many of us, sports is just a game. But for the athletes featured in this new docu series, it’s much more than that. These women have dedicated their lives to their respective sports, sacrificing everything for the chance to compete at the highest level. They all come from completely different backgrounds but share a common goal: to win.

Introducing “Fearless: The Inside Story Of The AFLW”

Women playing Australian rules football.

“Fearless: The Inside Story of the AFLW” is a six-part docu series that takes viewers on a raw and emotional journey through the dreams, struggles, and triumphs of Australia’s revolutionary women’s Australian football league.

The episodes chronicle the league’s journey from its humble beginnings to its current status as the country’s most popular women’s sports league.

Through intimate interviews with players, coaches, and administrators, the series provides a unique insight into the challenges and obstacles faced by those who helped to establish the league.

The documentary offers an intimate look at what it took for these athletes to become pioneers in their field and celebrates their accomplishments on and off the court.

We learn more about the courageous girls who were told they could never play Australian rules football at the highest level and who did.

These young women fought for their place in the game and, in doing so, inspired a new generation of players.

Along the way, we see how their dedication and passion for the sport transcended gender barriers and paved the way for future generations of female athletes.

Dive Into The Heart Of The AFLW’s Sixth Season

GWS GIANTS, Western Bulldogs, Collingwood, and Adelaide Crows.

The AFLW is the pinnacle of Australian football. Each year, four teams compete for the championship. The GWS GIANTS, Western Bulldogs, Collingwood, and Adelaide Crows have each been vying for the title since the league’s inception six years ago. The series provides access to the game’s confronting and inspiring sanctuary. It follows the teams as they battle it out on the field in their quest for glory.

You will see how the Adelaide Crows have made history by winning their third AFLW championship in as many years. This incredible feat is made all the more remarkable because they did it against all odds.

The other three clubs featured in this series may not have had as much success on the field yet, but their stories are just as inspiring.

Each has its own challenges and obstacles to overcome, but they all share a common commitment to their sport and a desire to leave a lasting legacy.

Kylie Rogers, Executive General Manager Customer & Commercial, AFL, acknowledged what the AFLW players have done over the past six seasons and sees the league only growing every year.

“Over the last six seasons of the NAB AFLW competition, our remarkable W players have captured the hearts and minds of footy fans all over the world with the pure joy and determination in which they approach their footy.

“The Disney+ team captures the essence of AFLW in Fearless—it’s a mixture of pure emotion, hard-hitting footy, and all the highs and lows that the world of football offers—and we get front-row seats to it all. We’re thrilled to have worked with the Disney+ team in bringing this documentary series to life.”

Executive Producer Anne-Maree Sparkman also said: “It is always magical and a true honor to be invited into the inner sanctum, but none of us could have dared hope for the rich rewards of this documentary series.

“Following four teams over an entire season, we know everyone will be captivated by our footballers’ dedication, bravery, humor, and raw emotions.”

Kylie Watson-Wheeler, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of The Walt Disney Company in Australia and New Zealand, expressed her excitement for the AFLW to be on Disney+, showcasing women in sport.

“Fearless: The Inside Story of the AFLW is the first of our nine Australian originals set to premiere this year and next. We’re thrilled to be bringing to Disney+ this world-first look at the AFLW and the powerhouse movement it has become for women in sport,” she said. “The documentary celebrates the journey of trailblazing women - some of the first to play Australian Rules Football professionally. The documentary showcases extraordinary women who are paving the way for future generations and chasing football glory in their own unique ways.”

“Fearless: The Inside Story Of The AFLW” Is Now Streaming On Disney+ And Hulu

The docuseries "Fearless: The Inside Story of the AFLW" is no longer available for streaming on Disney+ or Hulu. It premiered on Disney+ on August 24, 2022, but it is currently not available for streaming, renting, or buying. You can track updates about its availability in the future.

Watch The Trailer For “Fearless: The Inside Story Of The AFLW”

Here’s the trailer:

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