LGBTQ+ Representation Reached A Whole New Level In "Velma" Season 1!

Velma season 1 poster. 

Discover “Velma,” the brand-new animated series that brings an unexpected and hilarious twist on the origin of one of Scooby-Doo’s beloved heroines, featuring an impressive lineup of LGBTQ+ guest stars.

Exciting New Adventures For Scooby-Doo Fans

HBO Max’s “Velma” is an adult animated comedy series and a spin-off of the Scooby-Doo series that will amusingly explore the origin story of Velma Dinkley, one of Scooby-Doo’s iconic characters. Featuring hilarious and unexpected moments, as well as a personal touch from Mindy Kaling’s performance, “Velma” will be an ode to “the unsung and underappreciated brains of the Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc. gang.” It will “unmask the complex and colorful past of one of America’s most beloved mystery solvers” with wit and humor, making it a must-see for animation or Scooby-Doo fans looking for something new!

It now remains to be seen whether the character of Velma will be bisexual, as has been the case many times in previous adaptations.

The Incredible Cast Of “Velma” Season 1

The full voice cast of “Velma” was unveiled at New York Comic-Con last October, and the cast boasts an extraordinary array of stars.

The Fab Four

Mindy Kaling as Velma Dinkley.

Photo by Claire Leahy

Velma Dinkley has been portrayed by an array of incredibly talented actresses over the years, such as Nicole Jaffe, Pat Stevens, Marla Frumkin, and Gina Rodriguez. Most recently, Linda Cardellini brought the character to life in the two Scooby-Doo films. And for the series, it’s Mindy Kaling (Ocean’s Eight) who will be taking on the role.

At her side, you will find Glenn Howerton (Q-Force), Sam Richardson (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia), and Constance Wu (Fresh Off The Boat). Playing their respective roles as Fred Jones, Shaggy Rogers, and Daphne Blake, these three characters make up the beloved mystery team from Scooby-Doo.

Spectacular Guest Stars Featuring Iconic LGBTQ+ Celebs

Guest stars starring in Velma season 1.

Photo by Kathleen Tyler Conklin, Greg Hernandez, Peterb1234

An outstanding lineup of guest stars has been revealed to join the vocal cast of “Velma,” including members of the LGBTQ+ community. Among them are:

  • Jane Lynch (Glee, Weakest Link) as Donna Blake
  • Wanda Sykes (Q-Force) as Linda Blake
  • Cherry Jones (Ocean’s Twelve) as Victoria Jones
  • Fortune Feimster (Good Fortune) as Olive
  • Shay Mitchell (Something From Tiffany’s, Pretty Little Liars) as Brenda

Other special guests include:

  • Ming-Na Wen (ER, Hacks)
  • Gary Cole (NCIS) as Lamont Rogers
  • Sarayu Blue (Happiest Seasons, Never Have I Ever) as Diya
  • “Weird Al” Yankovic (Atop The Fourth Wall) as Dandruff Tuba
  • Nicole Byer (The Great North) as Blythe Rogers
  • NBA player Karl-Anthony Towns
  • Frank Welker (Transformers) from Scooby Doo as William Jones

Everyone brings their unique personality to the table, providing a fun time for all fans!

Check Out The Trailer For The New Animated Series

Watch the trailer below and see what you can expect from this brand-new adult-animated comedy series:

Don’t Miss The First Season Of “Velma” On HBO Max!

Velma Dinkley in HBO Max TV series Velma.

If you’re a diehard fan of Scooby-Doo and the beloved Velma Dinkley, you’ll be delighted to hear that the animated series based on your hero is all set to premiere on HBO Max! The first season will begin airing on January 12th, 2023, with two episodes released each week for a total of ten episodes.

Ready For A Second Season? Stay Tuned!

The only thing we can do for now is to wait and see. It’s far too early to tell if this animated series will be renewed. We’ll update this article as soon as any news about season 2 is announced. Stay tuned!

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