“Love ALLways”: The Reality Show Spotlighting Pansexual Love

Love ALLways season 1 poster featuring Lexi Paloma.

Is "Love ALLways," the new pansexual reality show, your next must-watch?

"Love ALLways": Two Teams, One Heart

Anthony Recinello, Lexi Paloma, and Spicy Mari
"Love ALLways," a Paramount+ and AwesomenessTV production, takes its own spin on the classic Bachelorette format by introducing a pansexual twist.

The show stars TikTok sensation Lexi Paloma (Instagram) as she embarks on her journey to find love. She is surrounded by a group of young men and women competing for her affection. To assist Lexi in this adventure, two professional relationship gurus, Spicy Mari, and Anthony Recinello, play a pivotal role. But their involvement goes beyond matchmaking, as they each lead a team of potential suitors, adding an element of competition to the show.

The synopsis promises intense emotions as Lexi narrows down her pool of candidates, leading to unexpected connections as some contestants fall for each other.

Be ready for drama, betrayal, passion, and jealousy. Not only are the contestants fighting for a chance at love, but the relationship gurus are also competing to see whose protégé will be chosen. 

Meet The Cast

The cast of "Love ALLways" comprises a diverse group of individuals, each bringing their unique personalities to the show, including:

The Trailer

For those who remain uncertain about watching "Love ALLways," the trailer below could be the game-changer. 

Pansexual Love In The Spotlight, But At What Cost?

"Love ALLways" offers an innovative take on reality dating shows by focusing on pansexual relationships and diversity. However, it falls short in terms of entertainment value. If you're a daring reality TV fan looking for something new, it might be worth a shot. But for most viewers, "Love ALLways" could leave a mixed impression. Despite its ambition to explore different facets of queer love, the show can come across as artificial and disconnected from real relationships at times. It simplifies romantic dynamics for drama and may exploit diversity rather than celebrating it. To sum it up, "Love ALLways" may not be the best choice for those seeking more authentic reality TV experiences. 

Release Date And Where To Watch

The ten episodes of the first season of "Love ALLways" are currently available on Paramount+.

Will There Be A Season 2?

As of now, the future of "Love ALLways" remains uncertain, with no official word from Paramount+ or AwesomenessTV about a potential second season. You will have to wait patiently to see if this unique reality TV show will continue exploring pansexual love and delivering drama, passion, and romantic rivalries. 

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