Sapphic Duo Mitsuki And Maya Takes Center Stage In "Invasion" Season 2

Invasion season 2 poster.

Prepare for an exciting new journey with season 2 of the successful sci-fi series "Invasion." 

With its original approach and compelling characters, "Invasion" explores the human experience in the face of extraordinary circumstances. Season 2 promises to be a thrilling ride full of suspense and mysteries waiting to be uncovered. So, hold on to your seats and prepare for the next chapter in the "Invasion" saga. 

Introduction To "Invasion"

Debuting in 2021 and brought to life by creative visionaries Simon Kinberg (The Martian) and David Weil (Citadel), "Invasion" stands as an innovative show. It ventures into the realm of an alien invasion, a concept well-trodden yet brilliantly reimagined. Instead of focusing on the invasion's immediate events, the show explores the perspectives of people worldwide, revealing the far-reaching impact of this monumental event on their lives. Season 1 was praised for its mix of action and human stories. 

Looking Back At The First Season Of "Invasion"

In the first season of "Invasion," a diverse group of characters experienced a significant shift in their daily lives when they were suddenly confronted with an invasion by an alien species that threatened their existence. This unexpected event created a tumultuous and suspenseful situation, with the season focusing on the characters' struggle for survival.

Aneesha Malik And Her Family

The main characters included Aneesha Malik and her family, including her husband, Ahmed, and their two children, Luke and Sarah. Their journey led them away from civilization, and the first season concluded in a forest, shrouding Ahmed's fate in mystery.

Jamila, Caspar, & Co

We also followed a group of teenagers on a school trip that took a terrifying turn when they ended up at the bottom of a ravine. After a perilous climb up the cliff, they returned home. At the end of season 1, Caspar realizes he has an extraordinary ability – the power to communicate and control aliens, which landed him in the hospital. The season ended with Caspar's apparent death, leaving many unanswered questions.


We also met Trevante, an American soldier deployed in Iraq who had his mission take a disastrous turn after the alien invasion. His journey back home brought about an unexpected meeting with Caspar and Jamila at the end of season 1. This left an indelible mark on his life.

Mitsuki And Hinata

Mitsuki, a young Japanese lesbian researcher at JAXA, the Japanese NASA, emerged as the most captivating character of season 1.

Her unwavering determination to uncover the fate of her astronaut girlfriend, Hinata, who was stationed on a space station before the alien arrival, held our attention throughout the season.

Despite the dire circumstances, Mitsuki refused to lose hope in Hinata's survival and embarked on a bold mission to rescue her.

The season concluded with Mitsuki successfully making contact with the space station, setting off a chain of events that had dire consequences for Hinata.

Introducing The Plot Of Season 2

In the second season, epic and suspenseful moments await as the enigmatic alien invaders continue to disrupt our world. With major cities now resembling battlegrounds, survivors stand their ground against these formidable invaders.

However, what sets season 2 apart is the gradual unraveling of the mystery shrouding these aliens. Simon Kinberg, one of the series' creators, is poised to shed light on the enigma, offering a fresh perspective on their motives and actions.

He explained: "There's a lot I want to explore with the aliens in subsequent seasons. I mean, there's not a ton of alien information. There's a lot of mystery and suspense, I suppose, in season 1. And I think in subsequent seasons, you want to pay off that mystery, build more mystery, but start to really get a sense of the aliens as characters. What do they want? What are they doing here? How do we actually stop them? And that is fodder for some really interesting storytelling, again, filtered through the lens of really emotional characters, dealing with complex psychological stuff."

Meanwhile, in the early episodes of season 2, our beloved characters from the previous season face even greater challenges as humans form a world defense coalition to fight back, adding to the intensity and intrigue of the series. 


Amidst intense battles against alien invaders, Mitsuki faces an abrupt and unsettling twist in her life. She is forcibly taken to join a research mission aboard a spaceship that was shot down. Despite her ongoing grief over Hinata, Mitsuki's determination remains steadfast because she understands that the secrets she could reveal might change everything once more.

Season 2 also delves deeper into the characters' emotions and personal struggles.

Aneesha Malik And Her Family

Luke, the teenager searching for his identity, contrasts with Aneesha, the anxious mother protecting her family in a chaotic world. Their meeting with rebels and Sarah's mysterious disappearance promise intense twists.

Jamila & Co

Driven by her conviction that Caspar is still alive, Jamila embarks on a daring mission to find him. She forms a close-knit group with Caspar's friends Alfie and Darwin, as well as Monty and his younger sister Penny, embarking on an epic journey together.


Meanwhile, Caspar, still alive but in a coma in France, draws medical attention for his sudden abnormal brain activity.


Meanwhile, Trevante, fascinated by Caspar's cryptic sketches, begins thorough internet research, gradually uncovering strange mysteries.

LGBTQ+ Representation In Season 2 of "Invasion"

In the second season of "Invasion," LGBTQ+ representation gets a boost with the introduction of Dr. Maya Castillo, a new sapphic character working alongside Mitsuki. From the third episode onward, her unmistakable interest in Mitsuki is conveyed through subtle actions and meaningful gazes.

This addition promises to bring an extra layer of emotion and excitement to the narrative while strengthening LGBTQ+ representation in the show.

Meet The Cast For "Invasion" Season 2

The cast of season 2 consists of a mix of new talents and familiar faces.

Among the returning actors are:

  • Shioli Kutsuna (Deadpool 2) as lesbian character Mitsuki
  • Golshifteh Farahani (Paterson) as Aneesha
  • Azhy Robertson (Marriage Story) as Luke
  • Tara Moayedi as Sarah
  • Shamier Anderson (Race, Bruised) as Trevante
  • Billy Barratt (A Responsible Child) as Caspar
  • India Brown (The Stranger) as Jamila
  • Paddy Holland (Lockwood & Co) as Monty
  • Cache Vanderpuye (Django) as Alfie
  • Louis Toghill as Darwin

Season 2 will also see new actors, such as:

  • Naian González Norvind (New Order) as sapphic character Maya Castillo
  • Natasha Loring (Dam) as Mira
  • Shane Zara (Best Interests, Happy Valley) as Nikhil Kapoor
  • Ruby Siddle as Monty's sister, Penny
  • Moshidi Motshegwa (Black Sails) as President Benya Mabote
  • Enver Gjokaj (The Avengers) as Clark Evans
  • Nedra Marie Taylor (Orange Is The New Black) as Rose Callaway

Watch The Trailer For Season 2

To catch a sneak peek at what season 2 has in store, be sure not to overlook the trailer below. It hints at a season brimming with high-stakes drama and captivating plotlines.

Release Date & Where To Watch "Invasion"

"Invasion" season 2 premiered on August 23, 2023, exclusively on Apple TV+. New episodes are released every Wednesday until the finale on October 25, 2023.

Will There Be A Season 3 Of "Invasion"?

As of now, Apple has not yet made an official announcement regarding the fate of the series. We eagerly await news whether "Invasion" will be renewed for a third season or canceled. Stay tuned for any information on this exciting show.

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