Skam France: Season 9 Focuses On Lesbian Character Maya!

Skam France season 9 to tell Maya’s story.

This season the writers of "Skam" have taken things to the next level.

Get ready to jump back into the exciting world of the Mi'f! There is more excitement and emotion in "Skam" season 9 than ever before. It centers on the show's beloved lesbian character Maya as she navigates a variety of new experiences and beginnings. It is a story of strength and resilience for Maya, as she navigates her identity in the midst of chaos. You can bet that Maya will face obstacles with determination and courage - and with a lot of heart - whether she is confronting difficulties or celebrating successes. It's going to be an unforgettable story!

"Skam France"

"Skam France" is a French reinterpretation of the original Norwegian series, "Skam". The narrative centers around a group of high school students as they journey through the intricacies of love and friendships. The series doesn't shy away from broaching significant societal themes like homosexuality, deafness, AIDS, gender identity, addictions, bipolarity, racism, poverty, among others.

The show has commendably covered a variety of LGBTQ+ stories: Mickael, Lucas, and Maya's stories delve into homosexuality; Eliott's character embodies pansexuality; Alexia and Lola's characters explore bisexuality; while Max's character grapples with issues related to gender identity and transgender expression.

"Skam France" Season 9: Maya And Lola Facing Heartbreak

In the upcoming season of "Skam France", the spotlight will be on Maya (played by Ayumi Roux), a character who identifies as lesbian and was first introduced in season 6 during her encounter with Lola (portrayed by Flavie Delangle).

The initial two episodes of the ninth season predominantly revolve around the culmination of Maya and Lola's relationship. Right from the get-go of the first episode, you are drawn into the escalating tension between these two characters, reaching a peak in the second episode, which signifies the end of their relationship. The breakup is no longer implied but explicitly confirmed. These initial episodes center around Maya's struggle to let go of Lola while holding onto a glimmer of hope for reconciliation.

This year, you should brace themselves for a considerably intense season, with numerous episodes delving into themes of separation and anxiety.

Meet The Cast Of This New Season

Among the familiar faces that will grace the screen, you will find:

  • Ayumi Roux as Maya
  • Flavie Delangle as Lola
  • Abdallah Charki as Redouane
  • Louise Malek as Jo
  • Sohan Pague as Max
  • Lucie Fagedet as Tiff
  • Khalil Gharbia as Bilal
  • Angèle Mac as June
  • Léo Mazo as Clément
  • Olivia Côte as the nurse

Watch "Skam" Season 9 - Episode 1

Discover right now the first episode of the new season. The video includes many subtitles.

Watch "Skam France" Now Online

The latest season of "Skam France" has recently begun. If you're interested in catching up or diving into this series, you can check out France TV Slash or their YouTube channel. Here's the links:

Will There Be A Season 10?

Absolutely, "Skam France" will be returning for a 10th season! The series was renewed for two additional seasons, just half a year following the conclusion of season 8. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the plot of season 10 will revolve around Tiffany's best friend, Anaïs, portrayed by Zoé Garcia, and a little bit about Redouane too, portrayed by Abdallah Charki.

Top photo: ©Thibault GRABHERR-Banijay-FTV

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