France: Senate Rejects Opening Insemination To All Women

French Senate rejected insemination for all women.

French bioethics law was up for revision, with a crucial amendment that would allow insemination for all women, regardless of their sexual orientation or relationship status. The country's senators were tasked with considering this pivotal amendment.

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Anti-LGBTQ Hate Is Still On The Rise In France

anti lgbtq hate rise france

Terrible news from France... We might have thought that the record for LGBT hatred had been broken in 2018, but the Ministry of the Interior released a report showing that nothing has changed in 2019. It was even worse.

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France May Soon Prohibit “Conversion Therapies”

France could ban

France might be on the brink of a significant advancement in LGBTQ safeguards.

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Skam France: Season 9 Focuses On Lesbian Character Maya!

Skam France season 9 to tell Maya’s story.

This season the writers of "Skam" have taken things to the next level.

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French Senate Approves The Opening Of Insemination To All Women

france lgbtq women insemination

In France, we are getting closer to the possibility for all women - including LGBTQ women - to have children through insemination.

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Saint-Jean-de-Braye Breaks Its Twinning With Poland After Anti-LGBTQ Stances

saint jean de braye twinning tuchow

The French town of Saint-Jean-de-Braye located in the Centre-Val de Loire region had been twinned with the town of Tuchow in south-eastern Poland for 25 years.

The French municipality recently broke this twinning because of their disagreement over the LGBTQ community.

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Paris Doubles Subsidies For LGBTQ Associations

LGBTQ associations in Paris, France.

Mayor Anne Hidalgo brings a wave of positivity to LGBTQ+ groups in Paris, France, with her decision to increase their yearly grants twofold.

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French Assembly Adopts The Opening Of IVF To LGBTQ Women

The French Assembly approved IVF for LGBTQ women in a second reading.

It may seem incredible to you, but French couples of women and single women do not have access to in vitro fertilization (IVF). Only women married to a man can conceive a child through medically assisted procreation. This is the law, and fortunately, it may change over the year.

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