“Triptych” (Triada): An Enigmatic Series Featuring A Sapphic Character

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Get ready to plunge into the mysterious, haunting world of the Netflix series “Triptych” (Triada), featuring Maite Perroni in the starring roles.

A Suspenseful Plot

Rebecca discovering dead body in Triptych.

In Leticia López Margalli’s groundbreaking upcoming series “Triptych,” Rebecca—a forensic medicine expert—is presented with a mystery that may cost her everything.

As Rebecca investigates the murder of Aleida Trujano, the president of an international company, she discovers that Aleida is actually her twin she has never met.

Through further investigation, Rebecca discovers she is part of a trio of triplets who were separated under suspicious circumstances. With real and present danger and secrets hiding her identity, Rebecca embarks on a perilous journey to uncover the truth about her origins and why she and her remaining sister, an exotic dancer, are both threatened.

This journey into the unknown promises to deliver shocking surprises and gripping suspense.

Is The Show Based On A True Story?

Episode 1 states that “Triptych" is inspired by actual events. However, the specific events the series is based on are never revealed. Nevertheless, the premise of the show bears some resemblance to a real-life case exposed a few years ago in the documentary “Three Identical Strangers,” which recounts the incredible true story of triplets named Eddy Galland, David Kellman, and Bobby Shafran. These triplets were separated at birth, unaware of each other's existence, until they fortuitously met as adults. Subsequently, the siblings discovered that they were adopted by different families as part of an ethically controversial social experiment.

Check Out The Official Trailer For “Triptych”

Experience the captivating and mysterious world of “Triptych” by watching the trailer below. Get to know the mysterious triplets: Rebecca, Aleida and an exotic dancer proudly kissing women - highlighting her queer identity.

Meet The Cast

Maite Perroni as Rebbeca, Aleida, and an exotic dancer in Netflix series Triptych.

Maite Perroni (Rebelde) leads the cast of the upcoming series, playing not only the main character but also her twins. Alongside her, a group of talented actors and actresses have been carefully selected to bring this exciting show to life, namely:

  • David Chocarro (Las Pelotaris) as Humberto
  • Angel Zermen (Inicuo: Brotherhood) as Moreno
  • Hector Kotsifakis (Honeymoon) as Quezada
  • Flavio Medina (Narcos: Mexico) as Eugenio
  • Claudia Lobo (The Good Girl) as Dolores
  • And Nuria Bages (El Privilegio De Amar) as Julia

Release Date: “Triptych” To Hit Netflix On February 22, 2023!

Get ready for eight episodes of “Triptych” (Triada), coming exclusively to Netflix on Wednesday, February 22, 2023. Here’s the link to add it to your watchlist: netflix.com/title/81494917.

High Tension And Vibrant Characters

Netflix new tv show Triptych.

“Triptych” is a psychological thriller TV series that explores the controversial topic of human cloning. Drawing comparisons to the acclaimed Canadian show “Orphan Black,” which aired from 2013 to 2017, “Triptych” delivers exceptional character development and a gripping plot. The tension builds steadily throughout the season, with each episode offering something new and exciting. Overall, “Triptych” is a great entertaining experience.

Will There Be A Season 2?

Netflix has not renewed the show for another season yet. Our team is closely monitoring all news and will update this article when new information becomes available. Stay tuned for any updates on the show's future!

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