Same-Sex Couples Are Happier In Marriage Than Straight People

Gay and lesbian weddings.

A study by Michael A. Garcia and Debra Umberson published in the Journal of Marriage and Family entitled “Marital Strain and Psychological Distress in Same-Sex and Different-Sex Couples” got together “756 midlife U.S. men and women in 378 gay, lesbian, and heterosexual marriages” to find out which married couples are happiest five years after marriage equality was legalized in all American states.

Is it lesbian couples, gay couples, or straight couples? Are you curious to find out the results?

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These Two Lesbians Can Finally Live Their Love Freely

saudi arabia lesbian couple

A lesbian couple showed their love on television, a revenge for them who fled their country where they could be sentenced to death.

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Spain Restores Free Access To Assisted Reproduction For Queer Women and Opens It To Trans People

Ivf in Spain is open to lesbian couples and single women again!

The Spanish government has reintroduced cost-free assisted reproduction services, expanding access to single and queer women and now including transgender individuals as well!

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